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Perfect Reasoning On Dressing Up V. Dressing Down


In high school, my business teacher and now close companion taught me to never dress down. She is one of the most fashionable and beautiful people I have ever met.

She would say, “You never know who you’re going to meet,” and I took those words to heart. People always ask me why I dress up every day for class or even on lazy Sundays. The truth is, I love wearing old sweatshirts and baggy pants just as much as the next person; I just know you can get more out of your day by dressing up a bit.


Here are 10 reasons why dressing up is always better than dressing down:



1. When you wear sweatpants, you get too comfortable.

Yes, being comfortable is a great thing, but when you’re too comfortable, you often forget where you are. Don’t slouch or slump, and ladies, always cross your legs.



2. The world is your runway.

When you wear things you wouldn’t ordinarily wear to bed or the gym, your overall appearance and mood changes. You become happier and more approachable, which is a great quality to have. Strut your stuff and work the room.



3. Compliments, compliments, compliments!

How many times have you heard someone say, “Wow, look at that ass in those scent-absorbing, dim, and baggy sweatpants!” Probably never. Compliments make everyone’s day better. Wear those new khakis with the button-down. Wear that new sundress. I guarantee someone will throw you a compliment that will leave you smiling.



4. Dressing up instead of down is a mood changer.

Whenever I dress down, I honestly feel like crap. When I dress up, even if it’s something simple, I feel great inside and out. I don’t want to wear something I would sleep in, because most likely, I’ll fall asleep in it wherever I am, which is not a good idea for a classroom or any other public setting.



5. Your outfit screams hangover.

Don’t be that guy or girl. We all have our rough nights, but don’t wear your hangover out in public throughout the day. Freshen up a bit, please, for all of us. You’ll fight off the hangover faster if you look physically put together.



6. Being an athlete isn’t really an excuse.

Harsh? Maybe, but it is true. There’s no need to wear athletic attire 24/7. When you get a job, are you going to wear your Nike Pro shorts or your sports bra? No. If you’re active enough to wear that outfit, you’re active enough to pull open a drawer or open a closet and change into real clothes.



7. “Dressing well is a form of good manners.”

This is a quote from Tom Ford. Need I say more?



8. You will gain more respect.

Believe it or not, most teachers, professors and people you associate yourself with in the workforce would prefer you to always look presentable. When you present yourself well, people will present you with respect. If you walk into class or go on a date in bum clothes, you won’t even be paid attention to.



9. You get to express yourself.

Wearing something that shows your mood says a lot about who you are. Change up patterns and colors, and you may be surprised by the reactions you get.



10. You really never know who you’re going to meet.

First impressions are everything; dress accordingly.

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