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Artist Watch: Rainbow Kitten Surprise


Walking into the Fox Theater, you can definitely tell you’re in Boulder, Colorado. Tattoos, wide brim hats, and beards: the classic recipe for a Rainbow Kitten Surprise concert.  With a name that never fails to raise eyebrows and initiate some giggles, RKS has a unique sound that melds well with their namesake.

Originating in their college dorm room, this 5 piece band from North Carolina has taken the indie music scene by storm, reinventing what this genre means to many. With bluegrass, rock, and rap influences mixed into unexpected and imaginative beats and lyrics, RKS’s set list takes viewers through the twists and turns of this band’s brain.

The Fox Theater show focused mostly on the band’s newest album, How To: Friend, Love, Freefall. From energetic riffs in “Fever Pitch” to full theater sing alongs with “Free Falling,” the band captivated the audience from start to finish. One song from their second album, self titled, “RKS,” remains a fan favorite and promises excitement and involvement from the crowd. As the band breaks out into the church choir-like beginning of “Cocaine Jesus,” their deep and innovative lyrics bound through the theater.

rainbow kitten surprise

Their bass guitarist and back up vocalist, Charlie Holt, is particularly entrancing, almost resembling a muppet, moving wildly and passionately to the beat. Their lead singer, Sam Melo, also takes full advantage of the stage as he switches between guitar and piano, singing all the while. Melo’s incredible vocal range is tested and proved during the falsetto notes in “Devil Like Me.”

Their passion is both palpable and contagious. Rainbow Kitten Surprise is making a statement, challenging norms, and brining their growing fan base along with them. Definitely a must see.


Check out “Fever Pitch” below, and follow Rainbow Kitten Surprise on Facebook here.

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