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Why the Ice Bucket Challenge is Stupid


It’s absurd how fast things can spread around the Internet. Before someone cries and whines about how ALS is marginalized or whatever, hear me out. I think donating money to research ALS is awesome. Dumping an ice bucket over your head, not so awesome. Here is why:

(like always, a short list for all the Attention Deficit people out there…so basically everyone).


It’s Narcissistic

Yay! You got 75 likes because you participated. Now everyone will think you’re such a good person for doing that. I bet you got butterflies when the guy/girl you have been in the friend zone with the past 6 month nominated you. You don’t even know what ALS stands for and I bet you have no clue who Lou Gehrig is. You’re doing it for the likes and you don’t care about ALS.



It Does Nothing

It brings attention to the issue of ALS which is great. Donations, mostly from rich people who did not dump water on their heads, have increased in the recent weeks. However, the reason you are doing it is because you don’t want to pay $100. WTF is this?? Is this the Myspace days, where “if you don’t share this a clown with a bloody knife is going to appear under your bed tonight at 12 A.M?” Is the President of the ALS Association going to send you an invoice if you were nominated and didn’t go through with it?



…Except Waste Water

Over here in California (sucks to be anywhere else) we are in a severe drought. Does you wasting a few gallons of fresh water do anything to me? No. You’re still an asshole though because you’re wasting a precious resource so that you don’t have to donate $100. Because the ALS police are definitly coming for you if you don’t. There are people in the world that don’t have daily access to the water you just dumped on the floor.



Sparknotes: If you want to do something about ALS, stop promoting yourself and donate some money. Dumping out water doesn’t raise money, it makes people thirsty.

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