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Adrian Manuel is a freelance writer. Renowned film geek and self-professed bookworm, he spends his time devouring any story he can get his hands on. When he's not reading books or watching movies, he's busy writing, or at least he better be if he isn't right now. Be sure to say hi, if he ever finds his way outside again.

Valentine’s Day may be a day filled with romance, but that shouldn’t limit your choice of movie. If you’re gonna shell out for an extravagant dinner, why not go the extra mile to find a movie that you and your boo can call your own. Think Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother. Their Valentine’s Day movie was Predator. Literally everyone and their mother will be watching Dirty Dancing or The Notebook. In case you aren’t seeing Deadpool this weekend, here are 14 guilty and not-so-guilty pleasures youRead More