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Erika is currently a student at Iona College and she calls Long Island her homeland. Erika is a pop culture enthusiast and a lover of all things fashion, and hopes to one day become the next Giuliana Rancic and have her own E! Network series. When she's not blogging on her personal page,, she enjoys half caff coffees, pinning her dream wedding on Pinterest and teaching people how to dougie. Follow her on Instagram: erikastern and Twitter: erikastern_

I have always been an advocate for self-motivation; whether it is reading Self Magazine or the do-it-yourself handbooks you get from your local bookstore. I have a firm belief that if you can’t help yourself, than nobody can help you…and if you can’t make yourself happy, then who can you make happy? I am fresh out of my freshman year of college and I already have 3 writing jobs, my own website and 2 jobs outside of that. Where would I have been without motivation, right? I have learned toRead More
I am a sucker for love and a sucker for those in love. I want everyone to be happy due to romance. Many people in Gen-Y don’t believe in love, have never had it, or, just don’t think they have the time for it. Due to changes in traditions- like having close guy/girl friends or maybe even close co-workers, we may ignore the fact that love is right in our face, or we just don’t even know it…yet. I am always the first to call out people who either A)Read More
Food is honestly one of my closest companions. It is there for me in the day and in the night, and when I call, it always answers. I love food more than I love people. I like to think that others think the same. Here are a few phrases that I put together that hold true when it comes to comparing food and guys: 1.”I still feel so satisfied…” (3 hours later) 2.”Chocolate will always understand.” 3. “Cheese is never late.” 4. “Fried chicken never argues.” 5. “Pizza answers whenRead More
Embarrassment, by textbook definition, is a feeling of self-consciousness, shame or awkwardness. It is a feeling we all have experienced more than once in our lives. We are ashamed of an action, a fault, a flaw, etc. We all get pimples. We all trip and fall. Most of the time, we as humans are embarrassed by the same things. But, that should be a reason why we should never be embarrassed. Let’s take this scenario: it’s picture day in 8th grade and you wake up with a huge pimple onRead More

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A Letter to My Past

Lately, I’ve come in contact with people of my past, with pictures of my past, and with random Facebook pokes from people of my past. Just like any other individual, I am drawn to the magnet that my past holds and it’s hard to break away. I remind myself that the past is there for a reason. So here’s a letter to the thing that keeps tapping me on the shoulder:   Dear Past, Let’s get things straight. I have started a whole new life since you and I haveRead More
I’m getting to the point of my life where I slowly think I have everything figured out. Every day I learn something new about my past or my present and I create mental lists of what to keep note of, what to never do again, or what to make sure I do next time. Since I am a hopeless romantic and a deep-thinker when it comes to life, here are 50 things I have learned:   1. Everybody turns out to be who they said they wouldn’t be 2. HighRead More

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How to Always Go to Bed Happy

I write this as I’m falling asleep in bed, at midnight, on a Friday (I promise I lead an exciting life). Ever since I was younger, I was always trying out new ways to fall asleep faster, stay asleep, or ways to not wake up so much during my sleep. I have lavender lotions (lavender is a sleep aid), websites bookmarked on my computer with advice and dream catchers for those scary dreams. Despite my findings, I never really told people my secrets on how to go to bed happy…Read More
We have movies called “Friends With Benefits,” “No Strings Attached,” “Sex Drive,” etc., but why? These songs on the radio are all about sex and blowing and sucking and licking. Don’t get me wrong, I am a pleasure seeker myself. As humans, that is something normal for us. What isn’t normal, to me, is how much it is broadcasted. I like sex just as much as the next person, but what happened to being in a committed relationship where sex actually meant something? Call me old fashioned or call meRead More
From personal experience and from seeing my friends relationships crash and burn, I know the single life can sometimes suck. Being single has the benefits of talking to whoever you want whenever you want, flirting constantly, and being able to do you to the fullest. But, what being single leaves out is the semi-permanent (maybe permanent) person whom you can count on, cuddle with, and have a sexual relationship with- with strings attached. When you have a significant other, they remind you of how awesome you are even if youRead More

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An Open Letter to My Future Boyfriend

This could take a while. For starters, I’m pieced together by chocolate and sappy love songs, but you’re going to appreciate the choice you made. Ever since I knew what the opposite sex was and what it entailed, I have been attracted to every species of male. I won’t lie to you, I am a flirt. My personality is bubbly and I am always smiling. When you see me talking to some other guy, don’t get nervous. I am with you for a reason. If I wanted him, I wouldRead More