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Jason Jordan is graduate of the Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs at Syracuse University in Political Science, a former local and Congressional campaign strategist, failed politician, sometimes writer blogger, public relations, and communications professional. His low tolerance for stupidity and cynical disdain for the direction of humanity gives him a knack for pointing out absurdity in the places where government, politics, international affairs and American culture intersect.

Posted On August 11, 2014By Jason JordanIn Internet, The Scene

Internet, Have You No Decency?

I’m not sure why people think it’s appropriate to post graphic material on social media. It’s one of the questions that perplex mankind; akin to “What’s the meaning of life?” or “What’s on the other side of a black hole?” or “If you’re so fancy, and I already know, then why do you feel the need to sing me a song about it?” Seemingly every day my Facebook feed blows up with memes about battered women and children, or a blog article about how a woman was brutally raped, orRead More