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Kelley Lord earned her degree in Broadcast Journalism from SUNY Fredonia where she reported on entertainment news and acted in comedy sketches. With a soft spot for homemade pizza and adventure, her appetite led her to move to NYC. Since then she has worked behind the scenes for various television networks and radio stations, waiting for her chance to turn the camera around. Get your fill @PBandKelley and keep up with her travels at

When you’re meeting a guy, what do you look for first? Nice style? Toned arms? At least a full set of teeth? And how about other women? We swear we don’t judge but we notice when a girl is nicely put together or if she looks a little rough around the edges. The reality is your nails can say a lot about you. So before you grab your next bottle of polish, or head to the local salon, find out what your manicure is really saying about you. Dark ColorsRead More