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Kindra Who is a writer for Writtalin. With her recently acquired BA in Psychology, Kindra analyzes T.V. characters instead of people, and works in customer service to brush up on her coping skills. Her favorite philosophy is Keep it Simple, even when every fiber in her being rebels against it. In her free time, Kindra likes to practice yoga, travel to places she can't afford, check out too many books at once at the library, and obsessively watch cartoons with her roommate's cat.

Sitting still for an entire hour—it sounds easy enough. It’s simple to turn off your phone, power down the computer, find a quiet space, and sit. You don’t even do anything—the requirement is to literally do nothing! Almost seems like cheating, right? Right? Recently, I had the opportunity to see for myself just how “easy” it would be. One World Still  is an organization with a simple objective: meditate for an hour once a month. No dues or fees are necessary to be part of this event, and no registration isRead More
I’m pretty lucky when it comes to dealing with anxiety, because anxiety and I have a fairly straightforward relationship. Whenever I think I’m doing marginally okay, or feeling particularly productive, anxiety pops into my brain and quickly takes the wheel. It doesn’t matter how much I have achieved in my short 24 years of existence, anxiety has this trick that makes those achievements seem insignificant—it likes to remind me that I’m only one of approximately 6 billion humans on a planet floating in a vacuum of infinite space as weRead More