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Mira Beyeler thinks of all her most brilliant ideas while stuck in traffic on the 5, her new home since moving to LA. She recently started working in "The Industry", though she doesn't really know what that means, she just sounds cool saying it. Fond of nice handwriting, facial hair and pretentious coffee, she is still holding out hope to marry a nice Jewish boy like her Mom always wanted.

Posted On May 23, 2016By Mira BeyelerIn Girlzone, Sports

Fuck You, Kobe – A Poem

Preface: I moved to Los Angeles from the Bay Area for a boy who promptly dumped me and kicked me out of our apartment. Being alone wasn’t so bad until the Warriors’ went for the record the same night as Kobe’s last career game. This is my ode to that.    It’s approaching 6:30, almost time to pack up and head home- only it doesn’t feel like home and I don’t want to go there. And the warriors are playing, and I should be excited, only I’m alone, and don’tRead More