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Posted On November 17, 2014By Allyson DarlingIn Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Ramblings

Anatomy of an Anxious Girl

She grabs your shoulders from behind, in a back-hug and shakes you around like a my-sized, standing shake and bake…also how you’re not supposed to shake a newborn baby. “Look at you! You’re amazing!” She says to your reflection that stares from an abandoned and mirrored headboard on the sidewalk that you’re sure has witnessed a night or eighty of raunchy sex. You tell her you may cry because you’re hungry and tears are your undue reaction to low blood sugar. You try not to for the sake of theRead More

Posted On November 12, 2014By Scott MuskaIn Miscellaneous, Ramblings

An Elegy For Ptery The Parakeet

I first met my former roommate’s pet parakeet when I came home late from work one night. I entered my apartment sometime around midnight to the sound of birds chirping like I was in a goddamn rain forest, a fully-lit kitchen/living room area, and a tiny blue and yellow avian fella perched in a cage placed atop a table. He was chirping and staring at me, blinking expectantly. My roommate had already gone to bed, so I was unsure of how to proceed re: introducing myself to the newest additionRead More

Posted On November 7, 2014By Ashley MaderrIn Miscellaneous, Ramblings

Could You Love A Cancer Patient?

For my Firefighter, who already proved he can. Could you love a cancer patient despite my burdened health? Can you provide the love and care that my heart has never felt? Are you ready for hours spent at the hospital waiting, for news you don’t know if you’ll be loving or hating? Do you have the patience for the brain fog I possess? Or the ability to smile through my CAT scans, nonetheless? Will you research conditions I’ll develop over time, and learn the medical jargon the specialists love toRead More
Where I come from, and in many small-town parts of the country, high school coaches are the most respected and revered public figures in the neighborhood. Growing up, I kind of accepted this and even bought into it a little bit. It’s not until you get older and have the benefits of real life experience and hindsight that you realize how absolutely bonkers this is. I mean, watch TV for 20 minutes on a Saturday and you’ll realize that people who coach football (and most popular sports) are, for theRead More

Posted On October 11, 2014By The Bored MillennialIn Gallery, Miscellaneous, Ramblings

Why Corgis Just Win.

Corgis!!                 Corgis have been dog royalty for centuries (cough cough Queen Elizabeth has at least 3). But recently it seems like they are mainly  known as the dog darlings of the internet.  But they are amazing for many reasons…     They Are Resilient                       They Are Always Ready To Play                       They Know How To Chill          Read More

Posted On September 30, 2014By Quentin MontemayorIn Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Ramblings

In Gothic Glory: Review ‘The Hundred-Year House’

Rebecca Makkai’s The Hundred-Year House is a stunning achievement. The story is like an archaeological dig into the history of a house with many secrets. It leaves the reader plummeting through space and time, weaving a narrative with such depth and passion that it cannot be ignored. With nods to the gothic tradition, the story is not one of ghosts, but one of the inextricable link between past and present. It is a treasure hunt on the highest order and readers will find themselves engulfed and intrigued by the twists andRead More

Posted On September 29, 2014By Samantha SurfaceIn Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Ramblings

I Believe… To Keep Me Going

I believe in believing in something to keep fighting – to fight for each day, each laugh, and each tear. I believe that good things come to those who hustle, but luck has a instrumental part in some outcomes. Different beliefs fill the world with love, hate, and everything in between, but for some reason, each new day continues to present itself to humanity. Whether it’s a love story, a greater power, or that ice cream is a completely acceptable dinner, believe in something.     I believe… Dessert canRead More

Posted On September 25, 2014By Keegan Boisson-YatesIn Miscellaneous, Ramblings

The King’s Eulogy

What is to be said about a man so heavily spoken for? Whether his family, friends or famous reputation; anywhere you go the mention of George Boisson, also known as King, leads to conversations and stories of an impressive legacy. It was the kind of impressive legacy that leads one to believe that perhaps King was not just a nickname but some form of actual royalty. What can be said about a man so widely respected? The greatest people are always the hardest to honor. Not much can be saidRead More
A person’s love of doughnuts is a profound and special ocean of emotion.  The passion is such that when a girl needs a doughnut, she needs it NOW. So when the craving calls, she answers.  This is why I used to repeatedly find myself (at all hours of the day/night) waiting in line with the tourists against the gold glittering brick wall of Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon. One day a handful of my college friends and I, being observant people, happened to notice the Paris Theatre  next door, advertisingRead More

Posted On September 20, 2014By Will GoldsteinIn Miscellaneous, Ramblings

Born on the 5th of July: Part 21

Record 21: Santa Monica Pier, Monday, July 5th, 2010. Evening. Tobin and Orlando were at the pier and eating cotton candy, watching panhandlers dance and do bad magic. Tobin, a strapping young man with clean clothes and quite the sane mind, sat outside the arcade under some pretty dang cool neon lights. Neon lights. Tobin, whose age was a number, had his eyes locked on the famous Bubba Gump restaurant. Tobin had a wild hankering for some seafood. “Seafood?” Orlando’s arms were large and swollen. He wore a tanktop withRead More

Posted On September 18, 2014By Will GoldsteinIn Miscellaneous, Ramblings

Born on the 5th of July: Part 20

  Record 20: Moraga, CA, Friday, July 5th, 2019. Night. For months now, the outsider had been dying. Six months ago this same day, folks watched as the sun set for the last time over the mountains at precisely 7:02 pm, as their iPhones had informed them. A sadness hung in the now-forever night air, inert and disarmed, and waiting. Some folks called it the apocalypse. Some called it fate. Some, global warming. None of it mattered anymore, none of the theories and predictions. The modern folks, they were notRead More

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Born on the 5th of July: Part 19

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Born on the 5th of July: Part 18

Record 18: Disneyland, Thursday, July 5th, 2012. Day. Haven is visiting Disneyland with her family. Haven has 2 brothers. One brother’s name is Jamie. He’s 18. The other brother’s name is Hampton. He’s 19. Haven is 14. Haven’s mom is 43. Her name is Mary. Haven’s dad is 44. His name is Ned. The family is waiting in line for ‘It’s a Small World.’ Hampton checks Twitter on his iPhone. Ned checks ESPN Sportscenter on his iPhone. Jamie has a Smartphone. “You haven’t responded to my Candy Crush.” Jamie tellsRead More

Posted On September 4, 2014By Kelsey DarlingIn Miscellaneous, Ramblings

Doing Time For My Library Fine

As it happened, I somehow lost my San Diego library card.  This was a personal tragedy on account of I had memorized that sucker of a sequence–all 14 numbers (which is more than some people have memorized pi, I would like to point out)–in order to quickly and easily navigate the wonders of online requesting. Online requesting was the most genius thing the library ever did for lazy people.  I can search through the entire county’s collections online and click a button that tells the librarian to go pick outRead More

Posted On September 4, 2014By Will GoldsteinIn Miscellaneous, Ramblings

Born on the 5th of July: Part 17

  Record 17: Irvine, CA, Friday, July 5th, 2013. Day. Hey what’s up. I’m Audrina. I’m hungover from last nite when I got really drukn at Mackey’s 4th of July party at his place in Dana Point and I’m still pretty fucked up. I madeout with no one, and I don’t really wanna talk about that much lol so I won’t. But I did meet this 1 guy, and that’s like the whole story I wanna go into or whatever but right now I think I might fucking puke again.Read More