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Dominique Huyghe is Miss October!


Happy October! With the beginning of Fall and the month of Halloween upon us, it’s time for another girl of the month. But sorry – if you’re looking for tricks, you’re out of luck. We do, however, have a treat for you – Miss October, Dominique Huyghe!

This Canadian beauty is the perfect girl to feature as the weather starts to get colder. We think you’ll agree. When Dominique isn’t modeling, she works as a secretary and is taking courses in event management. You can learn even more about this beautiful Calgary native below!

We did a quick Q&A with Dominique, and of course, we have some photos for you!

But first, make sure to follow Dominique on Instagram!

-Dominique Huyghe-

Height? 5’1

Weight? 103 lbs

Natural Hair Color? Dark Brown

Measurements? 29′ 25′ 32B

Single or Taken? Taken

How would you pick yourself up at a bar? That would be last place to pick me up, haha. But if you were to approach me at the bar, I’d say the best way is to spark a conversation with me about something that you are passionate about.

Favorite memory from this summer? I’dd say it was a tie between two things. The first was working with the talented digital photographer Renee Robyn on a creative photo shoot. It was so amazing to model for her, because you never know how the photos will turn out, and something about that is so exciting! The second favorite memory would be getting to see Jack Black perform as Tenacious D at Sonic Boom Music Festival, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Definitely something that has been on my bucket list since I was 13.

Best thing about Fall? The colors would be my favorite part of fall. I feel like fall is more a season of the soul than of nature. I just feel so connected to the earth during this time of the year.

What are you going to be for Halloween?: I’ll be doing a runway show on Halloween day, so it all depends on the designers and which ghoul they want me to be :p

Favorite season? My favorite season would summer. I love the warmth of the sun, being by the ocean and relaxing in the sand.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I am obsessed with essential oils and natural healings. I have over 85 different oils from young living. I find I have the best results getting over physical pain or emotional problems by using different oils. I’m certified in Rain Drop Therapy and continue to study different herbs and flowers.

Tell us what YOU think your best quality is, physical or otherwise. I’d say my best quality is also my biggest downfall. I am a sensitive person, but being sensitive helps me relate and understand when other people are going through problems. I am usually the friend that people go to when they are going through stuff because they know i’m very empathetic.

Ideal first date? Gazing at the stars, while talking about our dreams and aspirations

Dogs or cats? CATS <3

Most played song in your iTunes library? “Two Heads” – Coleman Hell

Alcoholic beverage of choice? Royal Vizier – it’s made with dark rum, pineapple juice, and grenadine.

In a guy: brains, money, or looks? Brains are a must, because I don’t need someone who can’t hold a conversation with me. I need someone who pushes me to learn new things every day so I can continue to grow as a person.

Halloween plans: Halloween runway and after everything is all said and done, then I’ll enjoy my sugary treats 🙂

And now for some photos of Dominique Huyghe!

Dominique Huyghe Model

Courtesy Botos Photos

Dominique Huyghe Model

Courtesy Ronald Lee Studio

Dominique Huyghe Model

Courtesy Ronald Lee Studio

Dominique Huyghe Model

Courtesy Pete Jones Photography


Dominique Huyghe Model

Courtesy Daekins Bay

Dominique Huyghe Model

Courtesy Brandy Claire Photography

Dominique Huyghe Model

Courtesy Gordon Nelson Photography

Dominique Huyghe Model

Courtesy Blue Muse Fine Art

Dominique Huyghe Model

Courtesy David Austin Photography

Dominique Huyghe Model

Courtesy David Austin Photography

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