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Kelly Jensen is Miss August!


Kelly Jensen is our CoverGirl for August 2014. This hottie from Michigan loves summer days out on the lake, and wants to make sure you enjoy them while this Summer lasts.

Learn a little bit more about Kelly below, and then, check out our exclusive photos! And as always, be sure to follow this hottie on Instagram and Twitter!


-Kelly Jensen-

Height? 5’6

Weight? 125 lbs.

Natural Hair Color?  Brunette.

Measurements? 35-25-38

Single or Taken? Single.


How would you pick yourself up at a bar?  By not picking me up at a bar. I think its become too cliche, and most of the guys at the bar are the definition of a “bro,” which I am desperately trying to escape.

Best moment of this summer? My birthday for sure. Everyone came out to help me realize I cant drink like I used to. I was there for about an hour.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you: Im pretty open; but I have hip dysplasia and arthritis that is consistently getting worse.

Ideal first date? Something not extremely public. I love nature so you should probably take me outside..

Perfect summer day? Jetskiing, wakeboarding, mixed drinks on a boat.

Nothing is sexier than a man that can ____________ (fill in the blank)  I don’t know; tell the truth maybe? Fix things himself. Be able to admit his mistakes.

Tell us what YOU think your best quality is, physical or otherwise.  I’m very dry and sarcastic; everyone at my job calls me the class clown. I like to make people laugh. But physically definitely my butt or eyes..

Dogs or cats?  Dogs all day..

Most played song in your iTunes library? “Digital Detox” by Clinton Sparks is getting a lot of hits lately. That man is fire lately!.

Alcoholic beverage of choice? Cherry vodka and club soda.

Favorite Summer activity?  Lately it’s been sleeping on a boat while tanning (Ive had an extremely busy summer), but normally wakeboarding.

In a guy: brains, money, or looks? Based on my dating history I NEED to go for brains…but lets face it, I wind up going for looks.


See Kelly’s exclusive shoot for Writtalin below!











Special Thanks to These Photgraphers:

Keith Virgo- Kool Koncepts Photography

Chad Graber-

Eric Valdez –

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