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Stephanie Smeltz is Miss January


Stephanie Smeltz is our CoverGirl for January 2014. This hottie from Colorado can melt the snow with just one look. She’ll add a little sizzle to your new year, too. Find out more about Stephanie below, see a little more of her on Instagram here, and follow her on Twitter here.

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Now, for a little more about Stephanie…


5’6 on a good day.


Umm probs 105. Of pure muscle of course!

Natural Hair Color?

Chocolate brown!


Seriously who knows these? 36-24-36. Duh… Just kidding. 29-23-30.


Single or taken?

Single and lovin’ it!


How would you pick yourself up at a bar? 

You should probably act uninterested or be hard to get. I like what I can’t have! No one wants easy.


Ideal first date? 

Take me to some sort of cool activity! Like boondocks or horseback riding so we don’t have to make a bunch of awkward first date small talk! Not that I’m socially retarded or anything…


Worst dating experience? Worst bedroom experience? 

Worst date… I don’t think I’ve ever had one, I got a bloody nose in this guys new Range Rover once! That wasn’t good. Bedroom experience!? C’mon there isn’t a bad experience when you’re with me 😉 Besides, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell!


He want to impress you with a specialty drink. What should he make?

I’m pretty simple, get me a vodka Redbull and you have my heart.


In 10 years what do you want to be doing?

I want to be living in California as a trophy wife! No shame.


What is one thing other girls do that pisses you off?

God what don’t girls do to piss me off!! We are an annoying breed lets be honest.


Nothing is sexier than a man that can  ____________.

Sing! I’m a sucker for a guy with a good voice!


Where would you want to go for a honeymoon?  

Turks and Caicos


What is the most important quality in a man?

Money! Just kidding, kinda… I would say confidence. I don’t need to be reassuring you that I like you or you worrying that I’m gonna leave you for another man!


Check out all of Stephanie’s smokin’ photos below!

(Special thanks to Jenny Simacek Photography)

The girl you wish lived next door.

The girl you wish lived next door.




Fully clothed, still hot.

Fully clothed, still hot.


Stephanie in her element.

Stephanie in her element.


Stephanie roots for PFM and the Broncos. You should too.

Stephanie roots for PFM and the Broncos. You should too.


Leaving juuuust enough to the imagination.

Leaving juuuust enough to the imagination.





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