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#WCW: Emily Axford


-Emily Axford-

Twitter: @eaxford

Known for: Being Adam Conover’s sassy sidekick on Tru TV’s Adam Ruins Everything; previously appearing in several College Humor shorts.

– If you have yet to see Tru TV’s breakout hit Adam Ruins Everything, you should probably get on that. Adam Conover is hilarious and brilliant in pulling the curtain back on many ugly truths behind some of our favorite things, and it’s definitely worth watching regularly.

But even if you can’t get on board with Conover himself, perhaps you’ll check out the show for his gorgeous, witty friend – on the show and in real life – Exily Axford. This talented young actress got her start at College Humor along with Adam Conover and her husband Brian Murphy, and has transitioned that into a successful YouTube career, and a supporting role on Conover’s hit show.

In addition to being hilarious, Emily Axford is also extremely hot, as evidenced by the photos below. Make sure to give her a follow and check out Adam Ruins Everything Tuesdays on Tru Tv!

emily axford

via College Humor


emily axford

via UCB


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