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#WCW: Kendall Jenner


– Kendall Jenner –

Twitter: @KendallJenner

Instagram: kendalljenner

Known for: Runway and Fashion Model, also a part of the Kardashian Klan.

– Sexy comes in more than one package. You don’t always need big breasts to be a sex symbol. Long and thin with a stunning face; that is what defines the stereotypical runway model. Look no further than Kendall Jenner for those attributes, with a face too perfect for plastic surgeons and the most amazing legs since Daddy-Longlegs were first discovered. This young woman has been killin’ it, with 8.4 million Twitter followers and 11.6 million Instagram followers, she has been in the spotlight since everybody noticed her on KUWTK as being the most attractive female in the show. Luckily she has seemed to keep herself out of trouble while being in the public eye, staying away from following the paths set by Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton and managing to distance herself from being romantically linked with Justin Bieber. Hopefully we can continue to watch this gorgeous girl continue to advance in her modeling world while continuing to stay clear of drugs and sex tapes.

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