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#WCW: Riley Keough


-Riley Keough-

Instagram: rileykeough

Known for: Being Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, modeling, and starring in Starz’s new series The Girlfriend Experience.

– I stumbled onto The Girlfriend Experience by accident the other day, and proceeded to binge-watch for the next hour (or five), mostly due to the intriguing, seductive performance of Riley Keough, the show’s protagonist.

The series is steamy as it is; the show is about a law student who decides to make some side money as a high-class escort. However, the show’s enormous number of sex scenes (it makes Game of Thrones seem pretty PG) are made all the better by this actress’s incredible beauty and elegance.

If you’re unfamiliar with Riley Keough, as I was before this series, you’ll certainly know her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, and her grandparents, Priscilla Presley…and some guy named Elvis Presley. Riley was clearly born to be a star. Check out some pics below, and then check out The Girlfriend Experience on Starz!






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