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#WCW: Ronda Rousey


-Ronda Rousey-

Twitter: @rondarousey

Instagram: rondarousey

Known for: Being the most badass female on the entire planet.

-Sometimes we go with obvious names – no shame in that. Ronda Rousey is a UFC fighter, as you’re probably aware. But there is nothing unattractive about this female brawler. Sure, she might kick every competitor’s ass and knock them out cold in less than a minute, but let’s be honest – Ronda Rousey is still gorgeous.

Here at Writtalin, when it comes to Woman Crush Wednesday, we don’t consider the fact that a girl could kick your ass when deciding if she’s attractive or not. Which is why Ronda Rousey deserves to be our WCW this week, especially after her latest annihilation in the octagon.

Whether you’re into UFC or not, we can all appreciate this gorgeous, badass girl. Check out some choice pics below.










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