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How to Run an Eco-Friendlier Business


The deeper we step into the 21st century, the more vital sustainability becomes. If you’re running a business or contemplating starting one going green should be your primary practice. Sustainable businesses are the future so embrace them now. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you a fortune to become eco-friendlier. All it will take is effort, strong will and a team of people ready to make a difference. 

Bring in more natural light

The more natural light your office gets, the less energy you’ll use on artificial lighting. Can you expand your windows and allow more lighting to illuminate the indoors? Install LED lights to save energy when you have no choice but to turn them on. Paint the office bright, light colours to reflect the natural light more and make the interior visually brighter. When there are no visual barriers between rooms, the lighting will spread throughout the interior equally. Instead of concrete walls, consider dividing rooms with glass ones. 

Use less paper

No paper policy is slowly gaining momentum in business worldwide. Everyone is working on computers anyway, so why print the documents when you can fill everything out digitally. Use tablets or iPads instead of paper folders with a bunch of files inside. Send digital newsletters, receipts, contracts and invitations to corporate events. Lower the use of paper to a minimum and start running a sustainable business immediately.


What’s your policy on waste? Do you separate your rubbish into recyclable and non-recyclable piles? Invest in commercial waste compactors that help reduce the number of bin empties required for high-volume waste generators. Improve waste management and save money with waste compactors. Promote recycling policy by introducing canned and drinks in glass bottles into your break areas. 

Unplug devices after work

Offices waste invaluable power every day. To avoid that, we suggest turning off devices after you’re done working. However, that won’t be the best solution, but you can do more. Phantom energy will still add to your electricity consumption, so before you leave work, unplug your electric devices. Another good practice for saving energy is activating power management systems on computers. The system will set a PC or laptop into reduced-power mode after being inactive for a while. 

Encourage the use of reusable products

Reusable bottles, lunch bags and tote bags are the next biggest innovation for sustainable businesses everywhere. Encourage your employees to make their lunch at home and pack them in reusable lunch boxes that you can provide them with. Have the company’s logo on them and prevent employees from going out of the office and wasting time waiting in line whilst eating junk food. With their reusable bottles, they can always have fresh drinks that they can top up at the office break room or on their way to work. 

Allow virtual meetings

Do you still travel across town to have a meeting with a potential client? Introduce the eco-friendlier policy and have your employees run meetings online. Try to handle all business transactions online too. If you’re offering employees training, hold classes online as well. Promote virtual networking events and save money, and time and lower the carbon footprint at the same time. When possible, allow your employees to work from home. If you have employees who have no other choice but to drive to work, allow them to work from home most of the time and only come into the office when their presence is necessary.

Final thoughts

Running an eco-friendly business has never been easier. By allowing more natural light into the office and handling the waste management better, you’ll be doing a lot to help the environment. If you allow employees to do most of the work from home and introduce a no-paper policy, you’ll be one step closer to the number one eco-friendly business in your area.

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