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Tips For Exploring Australia


Travelling to the Land Down Under will be an adventure of a lifetime. From bewildering sceneries to diverse wildlife and majestic ocean views, Australia will be one of the favourite destinations you’ve ever been to. If you’re travelling to the land of Aussies for the first time, the following tips will come in handy, allowing you to have a carefree vacation and explore the new destination easily. 

Ride the public transportation

Forget about taxis and long walking. Explore Australia’s cities by bus. Every Australian state offers an exceptional public transportation system to make travelling from one place to another hassle-free. If you’re planning a vacation in Melbourne, for instance, all it takes is a Myki card to use trains, trams and buses fuss-free. Are you planning a vacation on a budget in Sydney, perhaps? The Opal card will offer train, ferry, and bus rides with all the convenience a tourist looks for. In Brisbane, you can buy a go card for transportation. So, before setting off on your travelling adventure, gather all the info on public transportation to make your way around Australia as quick and easy as possible. 

Prepare for a digital detox

If you plan to post on social media 24/7, that will be slightly difficult in Australia. In some areas, the internet will not work as exceptionally as in other parts of the world. Not only is it slow, but often very expensive as well. Investing in a hotspot you can bring with you wherever is the best and most affordable option for digital nomads and those who cannot spend a day without going online. If you’re not addicted to social media posting and scrolling, travelling to Australia will be the perfect digital detox experience. 

Find accommodation to suit your needs

Looking for accessible, affordable and enjoyable accommodation is another priority for an easy-going Australian trip. You’ll want a place that feels like home, looks lovely and offers all the convenience of a picturesque stay mixed with comfortable vibes. If you decide to visit New South Wales, you cannot miss out on the Jervis Bay area. You will find exceptional Jervis Bay accommodation offering family-friendly and pet-friendly family rentals. Instagram lovers will find Jervis Bay especially attractive as it’s beyond Instagramable, looking like Heaven on Earth. 

Pack your SPF

Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is essential all year long. However, after you land in Australia, sun protection becomes even more vital. The sun in the Land Down Under will be merciless to the foreigner’s skin as you’re not used to so warm a sunlight. Slathering on SOF every time you leave the house is of the essence to prevent sunburn. Even if you don’t plan to spend time sunbathing, the harsh Australian sun won’t mind. It’ll damage your skin without you noticing on time, and you can end up with sunburn that you could have easily avoided with dedicated skincare. Make SPF creams and lotions an essential part of your skincare routine to protect your skin and enjoy Australia at its best.

Drive on the left side of the road

When planning a trip to Australia, think about whether you’ll want to use public transportation all the time or if you’d like to spend some time driving around too. Visiting the outback is an adventure on its own and is always best done with an experienced driver. Unless you’re from the UK, driving in Australia can be challenging for the first couple of days, as Aussies drive on the left side of the road. Even if you’re not going to drive, be careful when crossing the street, as you’ll need to look first to the right and then left to be sure you can safely cross the street. 

Final thoughts

A vacation in Australia will be exciting and unforgettable regardless of the time of year you visit. However, before you pack your bags, learn basic information about life in Australia to feel less like a foreigner and more like a local. Make your stay in Australia as comfortable as possible by booking nice accommodation and enjoying the Land Down Under to the fullest.

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