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9 Things You Should Remind Yourself of Every Night


Some days we have the rush of work, managing relationships and taking care of ourselves. Other days we have nothing to do besides stare at the wall. I think I am more of a night owl because my deepest thoughts come out at night, as well as my to-do list, and my friends.

Some days we may lose ourselves and think we cannot move on or think we are at the end of no return. Keep the positivity, and carry out these 9 things each night when you find your mind wandering:


1. Every day is a new day to start over.

Don’t get down on yourself for the mistakes you made during the day, they build character and now you know better for next time. Whether it involves relationships, work or family, just carry on and sleep it off.


2. The more you check social media, the more awake you’ll be.

Having a bright light shine in your face at night isn’t the best way to fall asleep. The body feels the most at rest in cooler temperatures and complete darkness- no matter what sleeping rituals you may have. Shut your phone off when you head into bed. You’ll thank me in the morning.


3. Write it down.

If there is anything you forgot to do that day, or anything you need to get accomplished the next day, make a note of it- or a few. I write notes on scrap paper, make reminders in my phone, write in marker on my mirror- anywhere where I know I’m going to look the next day, so I remember things I need to get done.

4. Put your mind in a positive place.

Remember when your parents would send you off to bed and tell you to dream of cotton candy and ice cream? (or were mine the only ones?) Either way, dream of cotton candy tonight. Don’t make nighttime a time to sweat from anxiety and get all angry at things. Make it a time to send yourself away on a mental vacation. Think of the beach; of margaritas; of laughing etc. A positive mind brings a positive life. Nobody wants to go to sleep upset.


5. You need at least 7 hours of sleep to function the next day…

so don’t stay up for the Kardashians marathon, don’t watch scary/dramatic films, don’t eat chocolate.

6. Do things prior to the morning that you would usually do then.

Set up a pot of coffee, but don’t hit “start” or “brew” till the morning, layout your outfit for the next day to save time in the morning, make a lunch or breakfast (that will stay good for the next day) and refrigerate it. Save time to have an easier morning.


7. Spend the last few hours of your day with someone you love.

It’s nice to spend time to talk about your days, events and such with someone who cares about you. It’s nice to hear insight and it’s nice to hear about someone else’s day rather than your own. If you’re talking with a partner, pillow talk is the best way to relax before bed.


8. Have the perfect setting.

A clean house, a clean room, the AC on, and tons of blankets and pillows. Can you really sleep with a clear head without a clear floor?

9. Plan a picture of tomorrows successes.

Think good, feel good and do good. Negative energy for the day to come will bring a negative outcome.


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