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Born on the 5th of July: Part 18


Record 18: Disneyland, Thursday, July 5th, 2012. Day.

Haven is visiting Disneyland with her family.
Haven has 2 brothers.
One brother’s name is Jamie. He’s 18.
The other brother’s name is Hampton. He’s 19.
Haven is 14.

Haven’s mom is 43. Her name is Mary.
Haven’s dad is 44. His name is Ned.

The family is waiting in line for ‘It’s a Small World.’

Hampton checks Twitter on his iPhone.
Ned checks ESPN Sportscenter on his iPhone.
Jamie has a Smartphone.
“You haven’t responded to my Candy Crush.” Jamie tells Haven.

Mary hushes Jamie.
“LeBron scored 50 last night.” Ned says.
Jamie and Hampton say “What?”

The line inches closer.

Haven drinks an iced white mocha latte.
Hampton facebook pokes a girl he likes.

Jamie says he’s busy on his tumblr.
Mary asks for the iced white mocha latte.

Ned says: “He’s just as good as Michael Jordan.”
Hampton sets an alarm reminder.
Hampton’s alarm reminder says: FB POKE THE GIRL YOU LIKE.
Haven gets a text message with emoticons.

Mary says: “Jesus. It’s so hot.”
Hampton makes fun of Jamie for blogging.
Ned says: “Don’t make fun of your blogging brother. Say sorry.”
Hampton says: “Sorry.”

The line inches closer.

Haven asks: “Can we go on Indiana Jones next?”
“Indiana Jones is a long walk away.” Mary says.
Ned says: “It’s a long walk away.”
Jamie says: “Yeah. A long walk.”

Haven takes a selfie.
Jamie takes a selfie.
Hampton takes a selfie.
Mary says: “Send me those selfies. I want a Disney memento.”

Haven edits her selfie.
Haven applies a filter.
Haven crops her photo.
Haven rotates her selfie 45 degrees.

The line inches closer.

Hampton edits his selfie.
Hampton applies a filter.
Hampton crops his photo.
Hampton rotates his selfie 30 degrees.

Jamie edits his selfie.
Jamie applies a filter.
Jamie crops his photo.
Jamie rotates his selfie 25 degrees.

The line inches closer.

Ned uploads a photo of a plastic Mickey Mouse souvenir cup.
Mary’s iPhone vibrates.
Mary looks at her children’s selfies.
“I love you kids.” Mary says.

The line inches closer.

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