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8 Movies I Want to See Now


I am one of those people that never picks up on movie references because a) I can’t memorize every line of a movie after I see it once and b) I have never been much of a movie person. The combination of living down the street from an awesome movie theatre with plush, reclining seats and needing a hobby that doesn’t involve drinking has left me with a desire to see more movies. Alas, here is the short and sweet list of movies I’m actually excited for that will be released within the next few months.



Zach Braff’s Kickstarter-funded emotional sequel to Garden State. His dad (former important person of Criminal Minds) is no longer rich. His family is going through stuff. There is a purple wig, a dog, and, as expected, a killer soundtrack.




Emma Stone is some kind of fortune-telling English lady. Colin Firth is sent to prove she’s a loony-tune. They may or may not fall in love. Adorable outfits, British accents, and beautiful scenery. A great deal of potential for a cute romantic dram-edy.


ABOUT ALEX, August 8


Alex attempts suicide. His college friends reunite. Truth comes out. Jokes are told. Sex is had. For some reason, I’m drawing comparisons to St. Elmo’s Fire. Anyway, I love Aubrey Plaza and Max Greenfield plays an annoying-ish hipster/ dork. Enough said.


WHAT IF, August 8


Harry Potter and Adam from Girls team up to help us understand the complications of male/female friendships. Basically Daniel Radcliffe is “best friends” with Zoe Kazan and desperately wants to jump her bones and put a ring on; unfortunately for him, she’s with someone else. Kind of hoping this one has a sad ending and the besties don’t end up together.




A screen adaptation of one of my favorite books. Typically I am so nervous to watch movies based on books that I love as there’s a very high risk that all of my feelings and visions will be shattered by someone that doesn’t imagine the details the same as me. That being said, there is a stacked cast that includes Tina Fey (with long hair), Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda, Adam Driver, famous person, funny famous person, hot person, etc. Highlights: a cheating wife, a dead dad, fake boobs, a funny weed scene, and a laugh/cry fest that will have you missing your family.


THE EQUALIZER, September 26


Old Man and the Sea reference. Denzel Washington killing people in the name of justice. Mob stuff. I fully expect my boyfriend to take me on a date to see this film.


THE BOOK OF LIFE, October 17


3-D animated movie that incorporates Dia De Los Muertas, deception, and a love triangle into a family friendly film. The world created that you get a glimpse of around 1:30 gives me goosebumps. I may also be related to a couple people that work for Reel FX- the production company behind this cultural gem.


ST.VINCENT, October 24


Bill Murray is a crazy neighbor. Melissa McCarthy is not being type-cast as a psychotic, oversized woman. Naomi Watts is an orange, Russian stripper. Vincent (B.M.) takes Maggie (M.M.)’s son under his wing when he offers to babysit. I’m getting a Little Miss Sunshine type vibe and the kid reminds me of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Hopefully these movies will be as good as their trailers.

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