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The 5 Rappers with the Sexiest Voices


A while back I wrote “Rappers I’d Totally Kick it with in a Non-Sexual Way,” and in the name of more rapper-inspired lists that no one cares about but me, I’m coming back at ya with my list of rappers with the sexiest voices. Everyone always asks what got little ol’ white me into rap…well this is one of the reasons, albeit a very small one. Just a warning: some of these voices may be NSFW. I recommend having a change of underwear near by. Here we go:


5. Cyhi the Prynce

Cyhi’s got that raspy quality to his voice that I can definitely fuck with. He’s also a great rapper. However, I downloaded 4 of his mixtapes and unfortunately, his songs are ass. He’s apparently come out with some new shit since last time I checked though so hopefully the song I posted doesn’t suck. Anyway, his songs might be meh but his voice is fer sure not.


4. Freddie Gibbs

I’m not really sure how I found this guy, but DAMN that voice doe. It’s so manly and deep, a deepness that is only rivaled by 2Pac’s voice and the ocean. The deep voices get me every time. Like can you imagine getting mugged when you’re hanging out with Freddie Gibbs? That’s right, NO because he could yell “Noodle” or “Hey look, a puppy” and I’m pretty sure that mugger would shit a brick. Honorable mention to Z-Ro for the chorus. The use of the word “silly” in a rap song was pretty…well…silly, and -2 for rhyming “top” with “top,” but you got a sexy voice too, boo.


3. Yelawolf

JK, Yelawolf sounds like he’s going to rape and murder your children. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.


2. Big K.R.I.T.

Krit’s voice is so smooth it puts butter to shame, and when you combine that with his flow it’s like watching someone pour Kahlua (or some other dark liqueur) slowly over ice in a fancy ass glass with some smooth jazz playing in the background. I don’t know, that’s just the image I get in my head. Throw in a Southern accent and that’s it; I’m gone.

Life could be as smooth as Egyptian Cotton OR YOUR FUCKING VOICE MY GOD I CAN’T TAKE IT


1. 2pac

It’s no surprise that the #1 spot goes to the late, great, aforementioned Tupac Shakur. The man who singlehandedly made it okay for dudes to get their noses pierced (you’re welcome, Chance), he also had a great voice. Don’t even lie. Again, I’m just a sucker for the deep voices, what can I say? Gentlemen, now you know.

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