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Writtalin Artist Insider: Julian Calor


With electronic dance music (EDM) gaining popularity everyday, we see more and more would-be producers throwing their hat in the ring to compete with names like Calvin Harris and Avicii. Not everyone can hang with EDM royalty, but one young producer is well on his way.

Dutch-born Julian Calor is only 21, but has accomplished much in his years. Calor got off to a hot start as his first single was released on EDM heavyweight Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. Since then, nothing has seemed out of reach for Calor. The young DJ has toured the world, hitting top-tier festivals like Creamfields and Tomorrowland and has already put out a full-length album, “Evolve.” With a loyal fan base and backing from producers like Hardwell and Tiesto, Calor is sure to continue to see success.

After a huge 2015, Calor took time to answer my questions about his music, touring in Asia and what the future holds.

Cat: Tell me about how you initially got into DJing/producing.

Julian Calor: I started producing hip hop beats with FL studio in my bedroom, and progressed into making electronic dance music from there. Then, When my music got released, there was a demand for DJ bookings, and from there on I started DJ’ing!

Cat: Obviously Hardwell has had a huge impact on your career. What other artists have shaped your music/inspired you?

Julian Calor: Deadmau5 and Noisia were a big influence from the dance music circle, but composers like Hans Zimmer and John Williams have also had a big effect on my music. Also Dr. Dre and Eminem from my FL studio days… All of the above have had a big influence on both my sound and how I put my ideas into my music.

Cat: How would you describe your sound?

Julian Calor: Melodic and diverse. There are big beats for the dance fans but I put a lot of focus on the tunefulness and the melodies.

Cat: You played the Revealed Stage at TomorrowLand 2015. What was that experience like?

Julian Calor: That was amazing! Such a large and dedicated crowd. I played some of my new tracks and the reactions were great! I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd. It’s also amazing to play alongside my label mates and share the experience with my friends.

Cat: You also recently toured Asia with Manse, Kill the Buzz, Joey Dale and Thomas Newson. How was that? Did you end up having a favorite city that you visited?

Julian Calor: I think the Asia tour was one of the highlights of my career so far. We all had such a fun time and the people over there are so nice! I think Seoul and Shanghai were my favorite cities and the crowds there were incredible as well. The other ones were great too though, it’s such an amazing continent.

Cat: Let’s talk about your music. You released your latest single, “Power,” on November 23, 2015. How did that song come to be?

Julian Calor: I made a draft with some other sounds that I’d been playing around with before and then it progressed into “Power.” So it kind of came about organically. Then I asked Haris for the vocals and it seemed to all come together. I think his voice fits perfectly in the breaks.

Cat: Talk about the process of putting your album, “Evolve,” together. What’s your favorite song(s) and why?

Julian Calor: I think it took about two years for all the songs to be finished. Because tracks like “One Shot” were made back in 2013 so it was kind of a work in progress for a while.  I tried to portray more sides of me sound wise. So I used different sounds for every track. “Sorcerer” is a good example for that, I think it’s my favorite from the album.

Cat: You’re making a documentary called “How to Evolve.” What are you wanting to accomplish in putting that together?

Julian Calor: I go through my album, track by track, explaining how the tracks came to be and what the purpose for each track was. I think the videos also portray the atmosphere that the songs are all about and in a way, clarify what I was trying to do with the record in the first place.

Cat: 2016 has just begun. What would you say is your favorite musical memory from 2015?

Julian Calor: Difficult choice! I think the whole Asia tour. The reaction to my music over there was incredible, as I said. I’d love to do it again, visit or perform.

Cat: What can the world look forward to from you in 2016?

Julian Calor: New singles, new sounds, new collabs!


Calor is certainly name to watch out for in 2016! Check out his album, “Evolve,” here:

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