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Smoke & Fire: Cuebrick ft. KARRA


Smoke & Fire.

Have you ever heard that one track that makes you stop for a second and consider the beauty that is music, and the way it can affect each and every one of us so differently? Especially in today’s world? So much of the music produced is thrown aside simply because it’s in one genre or the other, or because so-and-so made it and they have beef with another person and therefore you, good conscious moral you, can’t listen to it on principle. But then you’ll hear the song on accident and before you know it, it’s your most replayed song on iTunes just because of how damn catchy it is.

Smoke and Fire will be that song. The song that means something to you. Hitting a kind of rhythm that inspires you to dance and hit replay, the kind of earworm‒ the best kind of earworm‒ that sticks with you and doesn’t let you sleep. You’ll stay up all night if it means listening to it one more time. You’ll memorize the lyrics just a little more surely. This is, of course, Cuebrick’s latest release featuring KARRA, and it’s killer. Literal fire. Smoke and Fire promises to be the cream of the crop from Enhanced, the producer, what with its progressive beats and passionate lyrics, and an almost inability not to suck you in from the very beginning. What else could you expect from one of their top producers, especially one known for Runners in Disguise and Come Closer, both prime examples of Cuebrick’s work? 

Like his others, Smoke and Fire starts out reliant on vocals, at first with just a soft beat and gentle melody behind it, only the set up to the drop. The lyrics are emotionally heavy and fit with the tune exactly. Listening to them is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. When the entirety of the instruments kick in, when that bass finally drops, they’re not just background to the vocals. They’re a separate entity, one that can only be constructed by someone who knows what they’re doing with their music. The melody tells as much of the story as the vocals do; combined, they lead to a song that hits where it hurts and makes you get up and dance in the same movement. You’ll be crying at your next rave if you play this one. It’s a hit. 

If you don’t believe me, give it a listen on Soundcloud, where it’s currently blowing up. You’ll hear what I mean.

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