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Writtalin Artist Insider: Brazilian Producer FTampa


Scandinavia is often regarded as the birthplace of the World’s hottest DJs, but producer FTampa is proving that great dance music is also created in the heart of South America. Hailing from Brazil, FTampa has erupted onto the dance music scene.


Producing since 2010, FTampa has really come into his own over the last year or so. The young DJ has not only released multiple tracks that have broken the Beatport Top 10, but he also played the mainstage at Tomorrowland Brazil last year. Now, with the support of big name DJs and producers like David Guetta and Calvin Harris, FTampa is solidifying his international presence. Another huge feat FTampa accomplished in 2015 was having his track “Strike It Up” featured as one Musical Freedom’s “Top 10 of 2015.” FTampa’s was the only song on the list not by Tiesto.


In the middle of touring the globe and shortly after appearing as a guest on Hardwell on Air, FTampa answered my questions about his journey to where he is today, his original music and playing the Mainstage at Tomorrowland in his home country.


Cat: Tell me the story of how you got into DJing/producing. Was there a particular moment when you decided DJing was what you wanted to do?

FTampa: I was playing in rock bands and my cousin showed me some electro house tracks. When I learned that the whole song and performance was done by only one person it really caught my attention. I started making my own electronic songs and started working solo.

Cat: Why did you decide to stay with your first initial as part of your DJ name instead of going with a totally different show name?

FTampa: I think it represents how personal this project is to me. I am not trying to become anything different than myself. Adding the initial of my first name and my nickname was the best way to convey that message.

Cat: Where do you primarily pull your musical inspiration from?

FTampa: Honestly everything, everywhere. I am always thinking about music, I see music in everything. Regarding other musicians and producers, I’ve been listening a lot to Avicii, Calvin Harris, and of course Skrillex, who is my favorite producer.

Cat: Are there any non-dance music artists that have influenced your work?

FTampa: Yes of course, Maroon 5 for example. I love their work and would love to work with non-dance music artists.

Cat: How would you describe your sound?

FTampa: Melodic breaks, powerful drops, always happy and energetic. I want people to feel happy and full of energy when listening to my work.

Cat: As a Brazilian DJ, what was it like playing the mainstage at Tomorrowland Brazil?

FTampa: It was a dream come true, no words to describe it. You guys can watch more about this on Netflix by watching the Tomorrowland movie “This Was Tomorrow”, I am featured in the beginning of the movie. It was an amazing experience, I literally cried while watching that movie, it made me stop to think about all the hard work and the accomplishments. The day to day of my work is demanding and so busy that its easy to forget to appreciate those things. It’s always important to remain positive and thankful about all the opportunities given to us. Huge thanks to everyone involved, the Tomorrowland team is amazing.

Cat: How would you say your Brazilian heritage affects your music?

FTampa: Brazilians have good understanding and variety on rhythm, that helps a lot. You guys should take a listen to my track “Samba” with Klauss Goulart, it’s a very unique one regarding Brazilian heritage.

Cat: You recently released “Lifetime” with Sex Room on Doorn (Sander van Doorn’s label) Records. How did that song come about?

FTampa: I used to be a music production instructor a while ago and Sex Room was one of my students. He rapidly improved and we also developed a great relationship. Very happy that we are now working together, releasing songs under Spinnin family and having all the big DJs playing our work.

(FTampa and Sex Room’s latest single, “Need You,” comes out on February 22. Check out the preview below)

Cat: What can you tell me about new music you have coming out soon?

FTampa: I have a lot of songs to be released!! I am going towards a new direction, stepping out of big room sounds and going towards more progressive house with vocals. I am also dedicating a lot of time to recording real instruments. I got new guitars and also I am recording real keyboard midis. “Strike It Up” is a good example of what I’ve been doing lately but I will keep changing and doing new things.

Cat: What are some future goals of yours?

FTampa: To work with bands, produce nice music videos, keep learning new things and working hard.

Cat: What can we be looking forward to from you in 2016?

FTampa: A lot of new songs, great vocals and real guitars!! I am excited to release the new songs.

Check out FTampa’s “Strike It Up”, one of Musical Freedom’s “Top 10 of 2015”:


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