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CVS Pharmacy Gets One High Five


So I get a lot of junk email from every store that I’ve ever shopped at. Even if I don’t give them my email they somehow find it. It’s definitely some sort of witch craft. But today I received an interesting email from CVS pharmacy. They will no longer be selling tobacco products in their stores. DUN DUN DUN. They’ve even started a #onegoodreason campaign for people to share their success stories in quitting smoking, why they’ve stopped and how to find help quitting. You know, I think this would make Daren the lion so proud.

Now of course, because it’s America and we have to make a big deal out of EVERYTHING, people are instantly taking sides on whether this was a good or bad decision. So I’m joining in and here’s my side: Good for you CVS. It’s nice to know you’re not being a hypocrite like so many American corporations out there. You claim to care about my health and this decision makes me think you actually do. You ARE a health care store. I personally do not smoke. I find it gross and smelly and not cool and I definitely have a child tantrum anytime a smoker blows their cancer cloud in my direction.


So, CVS you get a high five.

However, don’t get too excited. That was only one high five, not two. If you’re going to take extreme measures like this you can’t really half-ass it. Yes, we all know smoking is bad for us and we shouldn’t do it. It causes cancer and all sorts of other very unpleasant sounding issues. But CVS, you’re still selling me massive amounts of alcohol and high-calorie, processed junk food. Oh and soda that rots my teeth. You do know all of that is extremely bad for me too? Right? So it’s kind of hard for me to look at you and think you’re completely concerned about my health. Now, am I expecting CVS to cut every bad choice from my grasp? No. They would probably lose a lot of money and maybe go out of business. I don’t know how much income they make off of that crap. I’m just saying we shouldn’t praise them so much they became an almighty health conscious guru.

I’m looking at you Whole Foods.

What I do want to say is thank you CVS, you’re putting one foot forward towards helping people make the decision to quit a terrible habit. Are you going to force everyone to quit tobacco? No, because they’ll go to Walgreens for their cigs and chew. I’m just appreciative of your efforts.

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