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That Time I Made A YouTube Video…


I absolutely love making videos, sketches, short movies, anything that tells a story or has something funny, even if it’s immature, 8th grade boy humor. Most videos I have made have something relating to violence, death, masturbation, drinking, blood, poop, spit, cussing, and other juvenile and unsophisticated topics or objects. But I still love to make them. Usually only a few eyes see them, be it close friends or the less-than-a-hundred, sad people who are spammed the video by me through Twitter or some other internet platform, just like every other millions of YouTubers out there trying to be watched. But I finally seem to have created one that exceeded those limits. Due to the recent shock and hysteria of the nude leaking scandal of famous celebrities, my friend and I decided it would be a good time to capitalize.

Armed with two brains, two underwhelming acting skills, one iPhone 5s, a macbook, and the extremely basic editing program, iMovie, we set out to make something funny.

I thought up the idea, and we talked about it for a mere 10 minutes, then BAM. Shooting began.

This isn’t a multi-million dollar budgeted feature film, nor is it a short film with a good narrative. Instead we gave it extremely little thought, and even less time of filming. The sound is awful. The video quality is what you’d expect from shooting something on your iPhone, and the editing is what any teenager could figure out on their own.

After about 30 minutes of shooting some scenes, most time spent on us laughing during and in between takes, we were done. The continuity wasn’t there, everything was one take, and we even forgot to shoot an entire scene that seemed to tie the whole thing together, but it wasn’t a big deal, it’s not like more than a hundred people would see it anyways, right?

Wrong. I posted the video with, to my knowledge now, the right hash tags, and BOOM, it was off to 301+ views in 30 minutes. For those who don’t know, thats the ultimate limit for a new video, and after that it shuts down in order to slowly count the views. This keeps each video count from taking in non-legitimate views (computers, programs, people hitting refresh over and over, etc). I figured it would cap out around 1,000 views when I woke up in the morning, and I was going to be damn proud of that amount.

Instead, I woke up to it being around 3K views, and still growing. Now 24 hours later, it sits at 12,065. A number that was completely unimaginable for me in the beginning, especially from THIS video. I guess it was just “right place, right time” luck that got us there, but at the same time it was quite motivating. Now I feel like we can make better, funnier, cleaner, more professional videos and actually put out decent content that is not only watchable, but enjoyable.

So now that I am a big famous YouTube star with my 10K+ views (yes bow down to me, I am like a Jimmy Tatro and Jenna Marbles love child) I should be getting stalkers and whatnot right? I should change my phone number, carry a sharpie with me everywhere I go for those kids wanting autographs, and even do my own Reddit AMA.

But seriously, the idea that creating a silly video with my friend and an iPhone has been viewed by half of an average sized college population makes me extremely giddy and happy.

So check out the video below, and let me know what you think…

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