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WTF News: Flying Bounce Houses, Cocaine Infused Water, and More!


Children Take Bounce House Ride of a Lifetime

I know I really shouldn’t joke about this but come on…it’s kinda funny. Besides, the children involved are okay, despite some injuries.

On Monday of this week two young boys in New York were swept away while in their bounce house. A gust of wind blew the bounce house 15 to 20 feet in the air and the boys fell to the ground below. I know this is pretty scary but just imagine the scenario for a second. You’re telling me you wouldn’t chuckle if you saw one of those Dora the Explorer bounce houses flying through the air? What an ironic castle in the air.

You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

Police investigated to make sure the house was properly secured and onlookers recalled seeing it staked to the ground. The boys were seriously injured but are okay. Apparently, bounce house injuries are pretty common and are increasing each year. According to one report, one child is injured about every 45 minutes. Maybe it’s time to stop using these things…


This isn’t the first time a bounce house blew away in New York. A wind storm in 2011 caused injuries to 13 children when their house flew away.  Video below. Yes, I’m a terrible person for enjoying this.

Panda Dogs on the Rise

A new trend is catching on in China and it’s probably the best thing ever. Pet shop owner Hsin Ch’en is dying Chow Chow dogs to look like pandas.


The technique is not harmful to the dogs and people are lining up to get one. The cost of upkeep can get pricey, though, as the dogs need to be dyed every 6 weeks.


Can’t imagine what a panda dog with out grown roots looks like…Ch’en ensures there is no cruelty to the dogs when dying their fur. He is working more than ever to keep up with the demand as every seems to want one. I hope someone starts doing this in the US. Can’t wait to see panda dogs running amok!

Srsly though.


British Water Now Infused with Cocaine

Flavored water is pretty excellent if you’re in the need of a fruity and low calorie beverage. According to a new study, the Brits have unconsciously created their own new flavor which involves cocaine!

Britain has the highest level of cocaine in Western Europe and there’s so much it’s now showing up in their drinking water. And don’t even try to Brita the Brit water – traces of cocaine still showed up even after water was filtered and treated. However, scientists assure it is not enough to be harmful. So I’m thinking this must be some terrible ploy to get people to start drinking more water. Drink 8 cups of water a day and you’ll feel healthy and cracked out all at the same time. Hurray!


Drug Dealer Posts Selfie, Arrested Shortly After

I feel like we’ve been over this before. If you’re going to commit a crime, DON’T brag about it on Facebook! You will get caught. Regardless, a man in Florida (of course) posted all about his drug dealing on Facebook which naturally helped lead to his arrest. The man was bragging about how easy it is to sell drugs in front of the police and posted several selfies doing so.  However, local police caught wind of his antics and totally trolled him on their Facebook page. They posted his selfies explaining how they set up a fake deal with him and an undercover officer.  They explained, “Since Taylor was kind enough to share photos of us on his Facebook page, we thought we would share these photos of Taylor on our page.” Good one guys.

Guess it’s not so easy to deal drugs in front of the police…

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