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WTF News: Microwaved Kitties, Robotic Strippers, and More!


Woman Microwaves Cat for Attacking Goldfish

Laura Cunliffe from Northern England was sentenced to jail after microwaving her kitten because she believed it attacked her goldfish.  Cunliffe claims she put it in for 5 minutes but removed it after one minute when she realized what she had done. The kitten died soon after. Apparently Laura has been suffering from psychotic depression and sectioned under the Mental Health Act 20 times. No statements have been taken from Cunliffe but the courts seem furious and her family is blaming it on poor medical treatment. However, the judge responded, “This was an act of utterly horrendous cruelty on your part on an animal that, as far as I could see, had come to trust you and rely on you.” Cunliffe is banned from keeping animals for life and will not be able to apply to have this removed for 5 years. I guess it’s one point for Peta and 0 for kitty lovers. No word yet on what will happen to the goldfish. I’ll pray for it’s safety.

picture of sad goldfish

She’s coming for you bro.

World Record Nut Case

So remember last week when I shared the world record for the fastest nose typist? Well we’ve got another record breaker this week. Mohammad Rashid claimed the top score for breaking the most walnuts against his head in one minute. Rashid smashed 155 which helped him overtake the previous record of 111 with ease. Watch his head skills below. I bet he has a killer headbutt in soccer.

Escalated Movie Texting Feud Leads to Man’s Death

Florida is at it again. A man named Curtis Reeves has been accused of shooting and killing a man for texting during a movie. However, according to some documents recently released, Curtis had sent a text right before this incident happened.

The plot thickens…

Reeves’ son told police that his father sent him a message regarding the movie.When his son arrived at the movie theater, he heard gun shots. Curtis plead not guilty, and his attorney claims it was self defense, as the man he shot hit him in the face as they argued over the text messaging. This isn’t the first time Curtis Reeves acted out against texting during a movie. Apparently he complained to a manager in a previous movie about a woman texting. He then continued to glare at her for the rest of the movie. Guess we should take those no-cell-phones-during-the-movie signs more seriously…

picture of woman on phone during movie

The Germans Created Robotic Pole Dancers

I’m not sure why or how this is useful to the world, but some German engineers from Tobit.Software have created a pair of robotic pole dancers. I know what you’re thinking, cool and sexy right?

terminator 3 robot woman

Ohh yeah.

Well no. Mostly because these robots look like robots and it’s just full-on weird. I don’t really want to know how long it took them to develop/create the software for these robots to do this. Shouldn’t they be off doing something more beneficial like…oh I don’t know, curing cancer?? A spokesperson for the company explained the design behind the robots, “We changed them to get more color, we changed them to get bigger breasts. All that guys need to play with.” Men, stop being so disgusting. But I guess if you want your own you can buy one at the not-so-ridiculous price of $39,500. I’ll let you decide for yourself…


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