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7 Unforgettable NFL Interviews


Oh baby, finally the NFL season is visible on the horizon. After months of masturbating, hibernation, allergies, pretending to enjoy soccer, and lazing around during your summer break, we are closing in on one of life’s greatest pleasures. With the season close to beginning, so marks the beginning of pre/post practice and game interviews. Just this week, Arian Foster gave us a good laugh answering every question with the same response, that will be as memorable as Allen Iverson’s famous “Practice” speech.

So let’s use this opportunity to take a look back at some other pre/post game interviews that has left us in laughter or confusion.



Arian Foster = Teammate First

I don’t know if he is sick of the media, playing a prank, following through with a dare, or has gone full-retard, but either way, give this man an oscar. Wonderful performance!



Mr. Madden Cover Is Never Sorry

Richard “Dick” Sherman left everybody including Erin Andrews in a state of shock and awe after the NFC Championship game in early 2014. Him and San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree clearly have issues with one another, and I can’t wait to see their relationship age like a shitty prison wine.

Can’t Wait!

We all know after the Super Bowl comes the famous “I’m going to Disney World!” line. Well, this should become the motto for every player going into the Super Bowl, “Can’t Wait!” Bart Scott don’t play no games, the dude was serious..sadly all this passion didn’t pay off.



Gym Time Is All The Time

Terrell Owens was often in the spotlight for something. Whether it was an elaborate touchdown celebration, a wacky post game interview, or comments on teammates, he found a way to make the news. But this one will always stick out more than the others. Even though this footage looks as if it was filmed in 1942, you can still tell how chiseled that man’s body was.



Bring Back The Basics

Herm Edwards told it straightforward to reporters. For all children getting into life, competition, and sports, look no further than this press conference to find your drive for success.



This Turtle With Glasses Hates Vernon Davis

Back when Vernon was young and had some attitudinal issues, Coach Mike Singletary was sick of his shit. Finally, he let the rest of the world know about their problems in a crystal clear rant on the now artistic and passionate player.



They Are Who We Thought They Were!

Of course this one made the list, the classic interview with Dennis Green letting all reporters and journalists know that the Chicago Bears were exactly who they thought they were. He goes to explain it a few more times, because you know, they were exactly who they thought they were. Who knows how his brain was working at the moment, but that crazed look in his eye and disappointment heard in his voice makes this one of the best post game interviews of all time.



What Are They Talking About?

Has Adrian Peterson taken one too many hits to the head? He seems to be out of his mind! Okay.. obviously this one isn’t word for word correct, but it is always fun to go back to. Make sure to check out NFL Bad Lip Reading for some more crazy interviews, even if they are fabricated.

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