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Hanging Out With Novak Djokovic: The 5 Things We Would Do


It isn’t any secret that Novak Djokovic is a fun dude, or at least he seems that way on TV. But I often think, “what would it be like to hang out with him?” Not in a weird way. I don’t lie awake thinking about it, but it would be an interesting sort of bro gathering if one day it were to happen.

Just in case it does happen, here are the 5 things we would definitely have to do:

Singing In The Car

It could be Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Led Zeppelin, or Serbian music. I’m open and willing to belt out any tunes with this man. Did anyone catch his ice bucket performance? He can do the moves and I will sing.

Eat Serbian Food


Double Date

My girlfriend is Serbian so it would be 100% appropriate for all of us to go on a date (Novak with Jelena). The only problem is the three Serbs could exclude me from the conversation. But I’d be sure to nod along and act like I understand.

Watch A Serbian Soccer Match

In preparation we’d have to go shirtless and paint our chests Serbian colors. Once that feat was accomplished we’d pop open the Pringles and settle in for the match. Being sure to jump up and down and yell for no reason.

Walking His Dogs

I’m a huge dog person, so I’d definitely take the time to shuttle his dogs around the nearest dog park. Maybe we could alternate between being on poop bag duty.

I’m not banking on this hang out ever happening, but it never hurts to be prepared. Until then, I’m relegated to shouting “Idemo” at the television screen like I know what it means. I don’t.

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