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March Madness of Tennis: Indian Wells and Miami


Jump around!

The NCAA tournament may be back this week, but march madness really began this past weekend, in the tennis world. First it’s Indian Wells, then onto Miami to account for an exciting month of outdoor sports in this early spring.

It’s become a ritual of sorts for many fans of the sport. People make the annual pilgrimage to these warm destinations from all over the country to escape the frigidness of northern cities. But it’s more than just the weather.

For people who love the majors, I can tell you that Indian Wells and Miami are like miniature grand slam events. They command the sport’s top players and last nearly two weeks each. Timing is everything, and these events occur perfectly between the Australian and French Open. You know, just something to hold us over. Because tennis fans get greedy, and I say that out of love. Oh wait, love means nothing. Then I say that out of adoration.

Sure the NCAA tournament is where most people’s attention will lie, but it’s interesting to look at the parallels between the two sports.

Both Are Tournaments

Duh! The NCAA tournament has a field of 64, or 65, or 68 (seems to change every year), while these tennis events begin with a 96 player field going into the first round. But make no mistake, both scenarios are single elimination throughout. Making for some exciting upset possibilities.

Both Are In March

Yes this is obvious, but march is a beautiful time of year in the states and these events give us a chance to appreciate that. From Indian Wells, which is in Southern California, to Miami, which is well… Miami, there is a lot of beauty to behold. Meanwhile, baseball is blooming in Arizona and Florida as the teams get ready for an early April start to the long season.

Everywhere you look, it’s madness! You will have to have 10 tv screens to keep it all straight. Good luck, and enjoy.

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