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National Championship: Wisconsin vs. Duke Picks and Predictions


The Final Four gave us a whole lot to remember. No more is Kentucky’s dream of an undefeated season – and arguably the greatest season in NCAA history. Thanks to the Wisconsin Badgers, a scrappy group of guys who did not fear the blue monster, the National Championship game will be a matchup much different than most people expected.

While Wisconsin grabbed all the headlines in the Final Four by taking down a Kentucky team that a lot of fans and analysts alike thought to be invincible, the Duke Blue Devils, meanwhile, advanced to the championship with an absolute slaughter of Michigan State. The Spartans were certainly starting to get that “Team of Destiny” vibe, but Duke made quick work of Sparty to get to the Championship.

So, we’re left with the Badgers and Frank “The Tank” Kaminsky against Jahlil Okafor and the Blue Devils. Who wins?

The Spread: Wisconsin (-1)

Wisconsin comes into tonight’s game favored by one point, despite losing by 10 to Duke at home in December. The game opened as a pick ’em at most sportsbooks, with the public backing Wisconsin enough to shift the line in their favor.

Most of this can be attributed to the Badgers taking down what many thought was one of the best teams ever, and the fact that Wisconsin really feels destined to win. The fact that the Badgers are peaking at the perfect time also plays a factor.

However, Duke isn’t exactly slacking right now, and they did already beat this Wisco team in their own house on the season. I think it really comes down to if you believe that Wisconsin is a fundamentally different team now than they were in December.

And maybe it’s just because I am not exactly a fan of Duke, but I think they are. This Wisconsin team feels special, and I’m rolling with them.

Prediction: Wisconsin 72, Duke 68

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