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NFL Week 5…Psych, Let’s Talk About Baseball!



All is well in Oz! The KC sports scene is hotter than a stolen microwave. The tidy 3 game sweep of El Halos will go down as a legendary moment in midwest sports. Thankfully, the story continues this weekend in Baltimore.



Creative name, I know. But the Maryland Ballers are giving October all they have, and proving a prime candidate for a world championship. There is nothing stopping them…. aside from the aforementioned red hot Royals squad. This weekend is set to be very exciting.



Giant Effort

The Giants won, what else is new.



Cardinals… Won Too

Yeah they won too.


Anyway, the implications of these two matchups are scintillating, even to the lament of most fans.

I’m especially pumped up for the ALCS, if you couldn’t tell.

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