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Posted On October 7, 2014By Samantha SurfaceIn Girlzone, Lifestyle

Chronicles of a Professional Bridesmaid

I think it’s safe to say that I am going to be a professional bridesmaid. “Will you be my bridesmaid?”  My answer is always yes- “yes; I would be honored to prep you for your new forever.” Since my first two wedding duties are across the country, and within a month from one another, I followed my answer with a request for the brides, “Please make this forever, if not for me, then for my bank account.” Luckily, they said that was the plan and I believed them.   BeingRead More

Posted On January 22, 2014By Ascher RobbinsIn Dating For Women, Girlzone

Things Women Do That Piss Men Off

Consider this a rebuttal to Shannon’s piece, or consider this an incomplete guide to ALL the things women do that piss us off. As you may have expected, this list of female annoyances is longer than its male counterpart, for obvious reasons: women are amongst the most annoying creatures to ever inhabit this planet. Yeah, we can’t live without them…but sometimes we really wish we could. Here are some common things chicks do that drive dudes up the freakin’ walls. Reading WAY too much into things we don’t give anyRead More