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Posted On October 29, 2014By Matthew RobertsIn Girls, Manzone

#WCW: Cindy Prado

– Cindy Prado – Twitter: @MissCindyPrado Instagram: cindyprado Known for: Home Town Hottie winner, MAXIM shoots and consistently being named in top “Follow These Hot Instagram Chicks” lists. – Cindy is a girl next door in the sense that she isn’t so famous that you look at the photos and think “if only..”, deep down, theres a 1 and a million chance you and her could end up. But it still won’t happen because she is only going up into celebrity status. She is a total fox, and she deserves someone better looking thanRead More

Posted On January 8, 2014By StaffIn Girls, Manzone

#WCW: Cindy Prado

Happy Wednesday, bros. Here is one hottie you should definitely be following on Instagram. Meet the lovely Cindy Prado.   -Cindy Prado- Twitter: @misscindyprado Instagram: cindyprado Known for: Mostly just being really ridiculously good looking. -Cindy is from Miami, which is fortunate, because I think we all agree that she should probably be in a bikini as much as possible. This babe was recently featured in Maxim Magazine’s “Hometown Hotties” contest, where she made the finals…no surprise there. You can check out a few photos below, but following Cindy on InstagramRead More