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Posted On August 12, 2014By Ascher RobbinsIn Internet, The Scene

The Manning Brothers Drop Their Second Rap Hit

They’re back, America. After last year’s chart-topping, breakthrough single, “Football on Your Phone,” the Manning brothers have returned to the music biz with their latest smash hit, “Fantasy Football Fantasy.” Watch below as everyone’s favorite awkward, white quarterbacks get straight ill on the track. The rap game will never be the same again.    Read More
This year marks my 9th season of fantasy football participation, and I’m saddened to admit that I’m still as much of a noob as I was in 2005. Sure I’ve had some solid regular seasons, and made the playoffs numerous times, but I am still championship-less. It’s not that I can’t learn from my successes and mistakes. It’s just that in the months between January and August, any helpful fantasy football info gets muscled out of my brain by life. But now that the greatest sport in the world isRead More
Every year since the invention of this religious-esque sport, hundreds of thousands of billions of men and women of all races and ages take part in what is known as Fantasy Football. This lifestyle, or as the less-than-average American would call it “hobby”, brings more happiness to it’s players than any rich alcoholic alum financially supporting Alumni Weekend and “Free Adderall” buckets during Finals week could ever bring, combined. But, when emotions are this high, they also have the potential to run heroin-withdrawal low. More often than not, this needRead More