Posted On August 24, 2014By Brian WrayIn Buzzworthy, The Scene

A Non-Gamer’s Guide To Playing FIFA

What are some of the most popular video games of all time? I can think of a few…. there’s that game with space soldiers dressed in full body armor, then there’s the one with army people called to duty, and of course there’s the one with the hedgehog. But one that may not come to mind right away? A sports game. And the sport isn’t even popular in this country.   100 Million Copies Sold Worldwide The soccer game franchise FIFA has made a ton of money for EA Sports.Read More

Posted On August 21, 2014By Erdi ErdemIn Buzzworthy, The Scene

The Problem With Open World Gaming

I am a lifelong gamer. I have been interested in video games since I was 5 years old and I have been following and playing video games on all systems for the last twenty years. My favorite genre of game, in all that time has been role-playing and adventure games. These games allow a player to assume the role of a hero or important figure who then spends a long time growing and affecting the world in the game. In the last decade or so, this genre of gaming hasRead More
Yes “soccer,” not “football.” I’m not usually a cranky American, but football = pigskin, just so we’re all clear. It’s funny how so much animosity can be harbored towards a singular sport, but soccer has come a long way. Compared to the US soccer scene ten, even five years ago, tremendous progress has been made in harnessing support and fandom for our men’s and women’s national teams. (I actually have a meager collection of jerseys now.) But compared to something like the NFL, MLB, or NBA, MLS does not standRead More