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Posted On July 9, 2015By Jackie RodriguezIn Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Ramblings

How to have the Ultimate Beach Trip

Summers are the one season that fools everyone. People go around talking about the weather and how nice it will be, and how much socializing they’re going to do with their friends, and all that ever happens is those same people who hyped the sun are now bemoaning its presence and sheltering themselves indoors with Netflix. There is no cure to possibility of heatstroke, and the desire to socialize is often trumped by the overwhelming urge to sleep in an air conditioned bedroom with every shade drawn. The only thingRead More
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Posted On April 5, 2014By Renée RapinIn Buzzworthy, The Scene

Discover A Whole New Underwater World

Today, over 40% of the world’s population of coral reefs has been completely destroyed. The loss of these ecosystems creates significant social, economic, cultural, and ecological problems for humans worldwide. Eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor saw this problem, and began a creative and artistic project to help slow down the destruction and rebuild ocean communities. Underneath the surface of the water in Cancun, Mexico lies a living and ever-changing museum of sculptures. Taylor chose specific areas for his sculptures to act as artificial reefs to attract corals, increase marine biomass and aggregateRead More

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#WCW – Anastasia Ashley

-Anastasia Ashley- Twitter: @AnastasiaAshley Instagram: anastasiaashley Known for: Being a badass professional surfer. -Last week we gave you a basketball-playing hottie to get into the March Madness spirit, and this week we give you a surfer chick to get ready for Spring Break. Meet professional surfer Anastasia Ashley, who is the perfect beach babe. It would be a successful Spring Break if you meet a girl half as hot as Anastasia…and even then, we doubt she’ll be able to take on twenty foot swells. Check out more of this smokin’Read More