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Posted On March 4, 2014By Jerry GordinierIn Miscellaneous

User experience design: In defense of the pink line

Introduction The relationship between designers and developers can be tenuous. Designers spend hours on pixel-perfect visuals and crisp micro-interactions, striving to give users power and simplicity at the same time. Designers often cannot see the complexity of what they are asking for, but developers are forced to deal with that complexity; the edge cases that a lovely and idealized image cannot capture. They must deal with situations where a user has found a way to thwart the system, where data is overwhelming and unruly, where that simple design must scaleRead More

Posted On February 14, 2014By Jerry GordinierIn Miscellaneous

5 Things Web Designers Can Learn from a Tree

Designing the internet The internet is important. People love it. But it takes work to make the internet. There’s a lot of stuff going on under the hood. And working under that hood are the mechanics. The mechanics of the internet. They come in many forms: engineers, project managers, the designer. All working together to deliver the internet. Of course, if you’ve ever worked in an office, you know people enjoy bad metaphors for simple concepts. These metaphors might be used with evil intentions, to disguise a bad idea. OrRead More