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The 10 Best Netflix Shows to Marathon


Let’s be real – Netflix is awesome. It makes it so easy to spend hours on your couch or in front of your television, watching episode after episode of hundreds of shows. Here are some of my top picks to waste your afternoon and put off that important assignment you need to do:

#1 – The Office (U.S.)

Netflix has 9 full seasons of The Office, the hit comedy series featuring the Dunder Mifflin paper company and the different relationships and ridiculous moments that can occur in an office setting. This is an easy show to marathon – the 22-25 minute episodes fly by, and you can knock out a whole season in an afternoon.

The Office: short and sweet/

The Office: short and sweet.


#2 – The League

There are 4 seasons of The League available for streaming on Netflix, and once you start an episode, there’s no way you can stop. The League focuses on a group of friends and their fantasy football league as they trash-talk and manipulate their way through the season. Even if you don’t play (or understand) fantasy football, this show is worth watching.

The League will get even the most stiff people laughing

The League will get even the most stiff people laughing


#3 – Blue Mountain State

I’ll be honest – I didn’t watch Blue Mountain State when it was on TV. I saw the promos and the ads and I didn’t think that I would like it. Then I marathoned all three seasons of the short-lived show on Netflix and I loved it. It is absolutely hilarious, and centers around a college football team at Blue Mountain State. It’s a bit inappropriate, just as a warning, but that’s really what makes it great.

No new episodes means it's easy to catch up.

No new episodes means it’s easy to catch up.


#4 – Archer

Archer just started its 5th season on FX, so if you aren’t caught up you should stream the first 3 seasons on Netflix. Archer is a spy – for the fictional organization ISIS – who regularly drinks, parties, and sleeps around. It’s really popular and fun to drink to (see my previous article), so catch up and start watching. Archer is also delightfully inappropriate, so don’t watch it with children around.




#5 – Law and Order SVU

If you aren’t into Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler, then I can’t help you. This show is awesome to marathon, and Netflix has 5 seasons for you to settle in and watch. The Special Victims Unit of the NYPD often has some dark cases to investigate, making it that much more interesting. Take some of the police behavior with a grain of salt, though – Elliot should cool it with beating the shit out of defendants. Just saying.

SVU's kickass team makes for great viewing.

SVU’s kickass team makes for great viewing.


#6 – Breaking Bad

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, stop what you are doing and start watching it. RIGHT NOW. It is easily one of the most brilliant shows to be on television, with plot lines and character developments that span seasons. Walter White, a humble high school chemistry teacher, receives a cancer diagnosis and does the only thing he can think of to provide for his family – cook meth. It’s seriously awesome, plus it’s filmed in Albuquerque, NM, which is a beautiful city. (Editor’s note: Devon is biased, since she lives in ABQ).

Breaking Bad won alright...damn near every award known to man.

Breaking Bad won alright…damn near every award known to man.


#7 – House of Cards

This is a Netflix Original, and DAMN is it good. It follows Kevin Spacey as a cutthroat Congressman manipulating the system and Washington D.C. It’s smart and won multiple Emmy awards.  Season 2 begins on February 14, so catch up now!

Kevin Spacey kills it in House of Cards.

Kevin Spacey kills it in House of Cards.


#8 – Orange is the New Black

Another Netflix Original, this series focuses on Piper Chapman, a privileged New York woman who has to pay for her past indiscretions by spending some quality time in a women’s prison. It’s funny and clever, with some really deep moments thrown in. You’ll be glad you sat down and started watching.

Orange is the New Black: the latest Netflix Original to rival network TV.

Orange is the New Black: the latest Netflix Original to rival network TV.


#9 – New Girl

This Fox comedy featuring Zooey Deschanel has 2 seasons available to stream on Netflix. If you haven’t started watching, this is your chance to catch up and join in on the hit show that is growing in popularity quickly. It focuses on Jess (Deschanel), her three roommates, and the ridiculous adventures they get into. It’s a smart show with great writing, and it’s definitely not just for women…and not just due to Zooey’s looks.

See for yourself why New Girl is one of TV's hottest shows right now.

See for yourself why New Girl is one of TV’s hottest shows right now.


#10 – Arrested Development

A show that was too good for its time, Arrested Development returned to Netflix this past year with a new 4th season, eight years after it was initially cancelled. All 4 seasons are available to stream on Netflix, and this show is truly hilarious. It’s a cult favorite, with so many fantastic quotes and running gags that you can’t pick just one. Join the ever-growing club of AD addicts!

Netflix did the world a favor by bringing the Bluth family and all their ridiculousness back.

Netflix did the world a favor by bringing the Bluth family and all their ridiculousness back.

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