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Tips on how to Solve Antivirus Problems


As is the situation with any software formula, antivirus programs use pc resources – they open files, reading information in them, is windows defender good unpack archives for scanning etc . A lot more thorough the results scanning is normally, the more tool consumption will be. Therefore , you ought to balance software velocity and the higher level of security furnished – an iron door protects better than a skinny one but requires even more effort to spread out and close.

For many people, it may seem that each antivirus alternatives are the same — the products of various companies fluctuate only by simply design and marketing. Certainly, it is true the market with respect to standard antivirus solutions is very consolidated, with Symantec, McAfee and NAI (Trend Micro) dominating the industry in terms of earnings.

But it is usually the case that, despite pretty much everything, there are still a lot of problems with antivirus security. The main one is the fact, as already mentioned above, antivirus security relies on the fact that viruses follow a set of clear rules. Yet , these rules are not fixed, but rather regularly switch according to the goals of the lawbreaker computer underground. As a result, it is not necessarily possible to build a common virus reader that can generally detect every viruses and Trojans.

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