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5 Things That Make Someone a Total Catch


There’s no use discussing tastes when it comes to partners. However, there are things we can all agree that are very attractive in potential love interests. While there are many red flags in dating to keep an eye out, these following qualities are definite green flags. If you’re open to dating and want to catch a true “trophy”, here are a few things that make people into a total catch: 

Compassion and patience

It’s very comforting and attractive to have a person full of compassion and patience for your antiques beside you. People who are always considerate of other people’s emotions and perspectives have an extremely attractive personality and the potential to be excellent partners. And since you’re bound to make some mistakes in your relationship, patience is a great quality in a partner. It’s very comforting when they are here to understand you and work together to fix any issues instead of going ballistic. Their compassion, patience and consideration will definitely push you to work on yourself and become a better person, and everyone who makes you a better person is a total catch! 

Shared interests

While it’s definitely not the most important in a relationship to share all interests and love all the same things, being compatible in interests can be extremely attractive, especially in the beginning of your relationship. When you can connect with someone through your hobbies, passions and shared habits, you’ll get to enjoy many fun conversations and have joint adventures in the future. While opposites attract, when you have many things in common with someone, you’ll always have a reason to hang out, talk and stay together. 

Financial stability

You don’t have to be a shallow person or a gold digger to appreciate financial stability. When someone is financially stable, it tells a story that that person is responsible, hardworking and reliable, which are all very desirable qualities in a partner. There are even websites and apps that provide users with sugar dating opportunities that connect philanthropic men with attractive women looking for an honest relationship. Mature, stable and successful men are very attractive and can make perfect partners for people who know what they want out of a relationship. Plus, they can shower you with all sorts of gifts, which doesn’t hurt at all. 

Sense of humor

Having someone next to you who can always make you laugh or laugh together with you is the ultimate dream. Laughter is the key to a relationship that’s always fun and dynamic. And where’s laughter there’s happiness! Also, people who are funny in a true sense (without too much crude, toilet humor) are usually very intelligent and educated, and a big brain is always sexy. Funny people with a quick wit can also come up with some innovative and unique ideas for dates and presents and surprise you in most caring and unexpected ways. 


This might be a very expected entry on this list, but we simply can’t ignore confidence as probably the most attractive feature in any person. Confidence that’s justified and not arrogant can attract anyone, not just in a romantic sense—we want to be friends, acquaintances and business partners with confident people. True confidence is easy to recognize and it definitely doesn’t include having an overinflated ego and boastful words. It’s the ability to make firm decisions, take control when necessary, talk to people with ease and being able to ask for things they want and deserve. Putting others down, bullying or being too loud do not make a confident person, and these qualities will just annoy everyone around. 

While each of us will find something specific we find attractive in potential partners, these qualities above are universally accepted as desirable. If you come across a person with strong compassion, patience, financial stability, sense of humor and confidence with who you share interests, expect to fall in love immediately. 

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