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Alex Niemi is Miss February!


Alex Niemi is our CoverGirl for February 2015. Hopefully this Midwestern beauty will help you get over the fact that there’s no football for several months.

Alex hails from Michigan, but is certainly a lot hotter than your typical Midwestern winter. Read on to learn more about Alex, and of course, to see some photos (courtesy of the Greyscale Group and AFRNT).

As always, make sure to follow Alex on Instagram and Twitter to see more of her in your life.


-Alex Niemi-

Height? 5’10″

Weight? I don’t own a scale.

Natural Hair Color? Light brown, but I haven’t worn my natural hair color since high school.

Measurements? 34-27-40…I do own measuring tape.

Single or Taken? Happily taken.


How would you pick yourself up at a bar? By being a genuinely nice person that offers good conversation.


Super Bowl Pick? I couldn’t care any less.


What are your Valentines Day Plans? We will probably stay in and make dinner and listen to music and dance around and be weird and have fun. Just us.


Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I drive a rusty 1993 Chevy Silverado. Her name is Old Blue.


Tell us what YOU think your best quality is, physical or otherwise. I try to be an understanding individual. Understand myself, my peers, and the world around me at a deeper level.


Ideal first date:  I love having fun and being silly. So something with a little adventure is great!


Nothing is sexier than a man that can ____________ (fill in the blank):  Be himself.


Alcoholic beverage of choice? Anything to do with whiskey.


Dogs or Cats?  Dogs, for sure.

And now for some photos!

Courtesy of Greyscale Group

Courtesy of Greyscale Group




Courtesy of Greyscale Grou

Courtesy of Greyscale Group



Courtesy of AFRNT

Courtesy of AFRNT




Courtesy of AFRNT

Courtesy of AFRNT




Courtesy of AFRNT

Courtesy of AFRNT

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