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2015 Super Bowl Commercials: From WTF to OMG CRYING


Regardless of which team you were cheering for or against, two things are true: Super Bowl XLIX was an amazing game, and the commercials this year were not that great. Whether you’re smiling from ear to ear and have Tom Brady tattooed on your butt, you called in sick to work because you can’t stop crying over “the play call,” or you really dgaf about anything but kitty purry and the dancing sharks, you probably watched, judged and reacted to the ads.


Loctite Glue- Positive Feedback: Definitely memorable, and by that I mean that I can’t erase this from my brain no matter how hard I try.



Carnival- Cruise Virgins: Ew. Nope. Never. Gross. Barfing.



Mophie- All-powerless: This was Day After Tomorrow stressful. And I kind of thought the universe had a mutual agreement that Morgan Freeman was the only person allowed to play God from here on out?



Nationwide- Make Safe Happen: Now I’m depressed forever and Sarah McLachlan is the soundtrack to my every thought.

LOL. yes plz.

Avocados from Mexico- First Draft Ever: I want the beach as much as that polar bear, but in the end, I’m glad avocados are close to America (eff you, wheat).



Snickers- The Brady Brunch: Danny Trejo as Marcia and Steve Buscemi as Jan, but of course Jan won’t get a Snickers because no one cares about the needs of middle children.



The Clash of Clans- Liam Neeson’s Revenge: It’s funny because he will never not choose revenge.



Nationwide- Invisible Mindy Kaling: Mindy gets me.



Esurance- Say My Name: Turns out Walter White isn’t dead. Heisenberg as assumed the identity of “Sorta Greg.”



T-Mobile- One Upped: Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman stay true to their need to outdo everyone. But now I want wi-fi calling even though I know T-Mobile is total poo.



FIAT- The Blue Pill: The tiny, Italian car is “bigger, more powerful, and ready for action.”



BMW- Hello Future: “[Our] world is changing; it’s rearranging…” Katie Couric was as precious and phenomenal in 1994 as she is today. Thanks for asking the important questions and making me not so afraid of the future.



Microsoft- Estella’s Brilliant Bus: More of this woman and more of this bus.



Bud Light- Real Life PacMan #UpForWhatever: Where can I find this real life Pac Man?! I want it. I need it. I’m up for whatever.


OMG. Crying.

Always- Like a Girl: Being a girl is really effing hard, especially in those “formative years.” Maybe they should show kids this ad instead of that creepy “your body is changing, this is a tampon” movie they make you watch in fourth grade.



Budweiser- Lost Dog #BestBuds: Yes, there’s a sad puppy story that makes you want to buy beer.



McDonald’s- Pay With Lovin’: That family hug and little girl’s face at 00:52 did me in. Now I want chicken nuggets to wipe these tears away.



Dove Men+Care- #RealStrength: Heartstrings.



Domestic Violence PSA: This absolutely needed to happen.


From the absolutely ridiculous Loctite to the necessarily serious Domestic Violence PSA, the ads of Super Bowl XLIX were absurd, hilarious, insightful, heartwarming, creative, and a lot less sexy than usual. Let’s buy stuff!

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