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10 Key Topics Discussed in Friday’s State of the NFL


The Super Bowl is over and now the NFL offseason begins.

On Friday of last week, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spent close to an hour addressing the media in Phoenix, AZ. The commissioner began Friday’s press conference with what resembled a State of the Union type speech before he went on to take questions from the media.

The topics Goodell dove into are ones that can occupy the idle time of NFL fans for the next few months.

Goodell said that the previous year has been “a year of humility and learning.” There have been controversies on and off the field in football all season long. On top of that though, Goodell touched on a number of other topics that the NFL is dealing with right now.

Here are ten of the most important topics discussed during Roger Goodell’s State of the NFL.


1. Deflategate

Deflategate is plenty overplayed at this point and Goodell had no new information on the controversy. There is a special investigator working on the matter and the commissioner told the media that he would have more to say when the investigation is complete.


2. Revising the Extra Point

When a team scores a touchdown, they kick one of the easiest kicks in football. Goodell mentioned that one of the topics to be discussed in the offseason is amending the way that the extra point works. Time will tell whether that means a longer kick or a new type of play all together.


3. Moving a Team to LA or Elsewhere

Media outlets wanted to know about a possible team in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, and even Mexico City. While LA is the clear frontrunner, Goodell said that any decision to relocate a team comes down to the current owners, local government officials, and whether or not the NFL sees the move as beneficial to all parties involved including the fans and public. Games have been played in London and Mexico City, but the NFL appears to still be some years away from any type of relocation.


4. No Reason to Resign

Goodell said that he envisions no possible situation where he would have to resign. It has been a tough year for him and he made it through the worst of it with his job. Ultimately, any decision regarding his fate as commissioner comes down to the NFL and its owners.


5. Availability of Players and the NFL to the Media

Running back Marshawn Lynch has been adamant about his not wanting to speak to the media. Goodell was questioned as to whether or not players, coaches, and even Goodell himself among other NFL officials will be made more available to the media. To all of this, the commissioner jokingly said that he has been available all year long.


6. Integrity of the NFL

Despite all of the controversies from the past year, Goodell said that the integrity of the NFL is a top priority. He placed an emphasis on integrity and credibility when it comes to any outside consultants, investigators, and then of course NFL officials themselves.


7. Promoting Youth Football

Concussions and overall safety have become a growing concern in football over recent years. The commissioner mentioned that the NFL wants to promote youth football and encourage interest in the sport in a way that is healthy and positive for everyone involved. The NFL has already done work with American Youth Football to continue youth involvement in the sport.


8. Goodell’s Relationships with NFL Owners

The pictures of the commissioner and New England Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft came out and the media wanted to know why the two seemed so friendly. Goodell stated Friday that he has close relationships with all of the NFL owners and that interacting with each and every one of them is part of the job.


9. Roger Goodell’s Performance Review

He already said that he’s not resigning anytime soon. If Goodell can make it through the previous year with his job then one has to imagine that he’s going to be around a while. Goodell reiterated that any reviews of his performance as commissioner come down to the NFL owners and how they feel about him. He must’ve passed this year’s review despite a rocky season.


10. NFL is a League of Rules

The commissioner stressed that the NFL is a league of rules. He wouldn’t compare it to another sport such as baseball when the media asked him to. With Deflategate and everything else that has happened this year, Goodell said that the rules apply to everyone involved in the NFL and that he is doing his best to maintain the integrity of the league.

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