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The Hottest Women in Sochi Right Now


There are two reasons to watch the Olympics this year: 1) the events, and 2) the gorgeous athletes. Everyone from theCHIVE to the Huffington Post has compiled their lists of the hottest ladies to watch in Sochi, but we’re going to respectfully disagree with some of their choices, and give you the only 10 ladies you need to be watching – and we mean WATCHING – in the 2014 Winter Games. Plus, for those who use social media we’ve included links to these lovely ladies’ pages, so that you can follow them long after the closing ceremonies. Enjoy.

#10 – Anna Fenninger, Alpine Skier, Austria Austria




#9 – Silje Norendal, Snowboarder, Norway Norway


Norway makes blonde and blue-eyed beauties on the reg.


#8 – Kiira Korpi, Figure Skater, Finland Finland


Every girl looks better with pigtails.


#7 – Gracie Gold, Figure Skater, United States United States


Gracie is the picture of grace.


#6 – Tessa Virtue, Ice Dancer, Canada Canada


No idea what’s with the hot dog and mustard, but we’re not complaining.


#5 – Rowan Cheshire, Halfpipe Skier, Great Britain 

Rowan Cheshire at the kit allocation for the winter Olympics taking place in Russia

She does a badass sport, which is bonus points.


#4 – Sarah Hendrickson, Ski Jumper, United States 


That smile.


#3 – Allison Baver, Speed Skater, United States 


Even hotter in summer conditions, it seems.

#2 – Anna Sidorova, Curler, Russia 


About the only reason to watch curling.



#1 – Good things come in THREES!

The Dufour-Lapointe Sisters: Justine, Chloe, and Maxime, Mogul Skiers, Canada 


Maxime, 25.

Maxime, 25.


Chloe, 22, and Justine, 19. They also won silver and gold, respectively.

Chloe, 22, and Justine, 19. They also won silver and gold, respectively, on Saturday.


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