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How to Have Better Communication With Your Employees


A foundation of every successful business is solid communication between the managers and employees. However, conflicts and communication issues are quite common in organizations. Problems like that lead to poor understanding on both ends. This type of behavior can have serious consequences on business and its success. So, if you want to prevent that, you need to know how to communicate better with your employees.

How can you do so? You need to create an environment where both ends feel valued, heard, and understood. This is not an easy task, but if you’re ready to take your business to a higher level, this is what you have to do!

Be an active listener

Sole listening isn’t enough for effective communication. You need to show that you are engaged in the conversation by actively listening to what the other person has to say! Active listening is a skill that is developed over time. It consists of several important aspects, which include body posture, eye contact, proper response or questions, and politeness. But why does it matter?

If your employees are heard, they will feel more valued and willing to invest more in the company and projects. On top of that, active listening enables you to collect important information and get a comprehensive picture of a problem. Lastly, active listening builds a bond and increases trust in your organization.

Choose the best method of communication

You’ve probably noticed that not every employee likes to communicate in the same way. Some are more active and engaged in the conversation than others. To make communication effective and improve it, you need to adapt to different means and methods of communicating. This can be especially important if you want to successfully manage your remote team.

What are the methods and kinds of communication? You’ve certainly heard about verbal and non-verbal communication, which include words and gestures. However, you can add visual and written communication to the list. These types of communications contribute to the meaning of your message and suit employees’ needs of different stimuli.

Use better tools

Do you have a preferred chat app you like to use in your free time? So do your employees! Even though you have to keep the conversation and tools somewhat professional, you can always implement some more engaging and fun apps your employees will love. So, what kind of tools should you consider?

For instance, communication tools with multiple features are a fantastic investment for every team. They allow members to communicate and send files and data safely. Tools and apps like that are a perfect link between management and employees, as they are a place where they can bond and communicate informally. Find out more here about all the ways such tools improve communication between employees and managers.

Encourage team building activities

Team building activities are an ideal way of improving communication. Whether you choose a weekend seminar, sports activity, or field trip, team-building activities increase team spirit and build relationships that last. It’s an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level, build trust and have some fun!

This is a guaranteed success tip every young entrepreneur should follow to make communication in the workplace better. Most employees adore such activities as they see them as a chance to rewind from work and get to know colleagues better. Besides all the fun, you’ll have endless stories and topics to talk about at any time!

Nurture two-way feedback

It takes two for successful and effective communication. If one person in the interaction is a passive receiver, you can consider communication a failure! So, to prevent that from happening, nurture and encourage two-way feedback. What is that and how does it work?

We’ve certainly seen scenarios where managers provide their employees with feedback. But rare are those who accept feedback from their employees! Listen to what team members have to say and consider their ideas. Your communication will improve drastically as the employees will feel valued and heard. Besides, you can hear some useful information you can use to improve your performance.

Final thoughts

Quality communication between managers and employees is a true indicator of your company’s culture. To nurture and have a fantastic culture your employees will love, you need to work on internal communication. These are some of the main tips that will help you improve your relationship and communication with employees. Remember: every employee is an equal part of the team!

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