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Stylish Home Decor Trends to Watch Out for in 2022


Are you planning to redecorate your home and bring a scent of freshness into the interior? Following home décor trends will enrich your home just like new fashion trends make your wardrobe radiate a whole new shine. In 2022, home décor trends are a mixture of calming nature and classic everlasting elements. Want to know more? Check out the list we’ve set up and create an ambience in your home everyone will enjoy.

Black accents for the win

One of the emerging trends of 2022 are black accents. Have you ever considered a black shower curtain rod in the bathroom to juxtapose your white, glossy tiles? How does a black window frame sound? Would you like to introduce black door frames, faucets, cabinet hardware or black doors to your brightly hued interior? If you’ve been afraid to experiment before, now is the perfect time to embrace your inner trendsetter and try out the black accent home décor trend.

Round, round baby

Round furniture and accent pieces are taking over the home décor in 2022. From round carpets to circular coffee tables, we’ll be seeing fewer rectangular furniture pieces than in the previous years. Rounded lighting fixtures will perfectly complement the rest of the rounded furniture. It’s the best trend to introduce to your home if you need softness and a more soothing ambience.

Awe-inspiring window treatments 

Without window treatments, the room looks naked. So, add warmth and make the area more inviting by hanging floral curtains on the windows. A floral pattern is emerging again when it comes to window treatments, so be the first one to introduce it to your living room or bedroom. On top of that, you’ll want the best retractable fly screens to allow you to open the windows freely without worrying about pesky insects infesting your home as you let the fresh air in.

Lilac is everywhere

Did you know that lilac is the colour of 2022? From fashion trends to interior design, the soothing shade of purple will seamlessly introduce the Euphoria vibe into your interior. Lilac sofas, armchairs, carpets and walls are just some options to consider for your home décor. Purple is considered the colour of wealth, so a lilac shade can be an excellent choice for your office to promote good vibes. 

Decorate with plants

Bringing nature indoors is one of the biggest hypes this year. Having strengthened our connection with the outdoors during the pandemic, it’s only natural to want to be surrounded by more vegetation even when you’re home. If you love plants, this is the perfect time to invest in more varieties, and fill your home with greenery. While real plants are a better choice because of their air-purifying properties, artificial flowers have the power to create an equally pleasant ambience. 

Green for the win

Aside from lilac, green is another colour that 2022 will be seeing more of. It brings us back to that connection with nature, where everyone is craving a higher sense of the outdoors inside their homes. So, think about introducing green furniture or accent pieces into the home design. Green window treatments, carpets or lighting fixtures can create the desired ambience which reminds you of the outdoors. Soft shades of green will promote calmness and relaxation, making the home a much more soothing place to spend time in. 

Final thoughts

When you can’t decide which way to go with your home design, check out the latest trends. You don’t necessarily have to go that way, but you can become inspired and find your favourite options. In 2022, home design trends will be truly diverse. Regardless of the one you choose for your home, we guarantee you will create a lovely ambience. 

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